Healthy Living

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What Is Healthy Living

Healthy living is all about deciding to make healthy choices in your life every day.

It comprises of three healthy choices which are

1.  Physical activity

2. Healthy eating

3. Mental and spiritually well-being

What Are The Benefits Of Healthy Living

Living a healthy life style is not easy but once you start to make a few changes there are many benefits you will start to see.

1. Healthy living helps to you to feel younger.

2. Healthy living helps you to lower your

3. Healthy living helps you to boost your confidence.

4. Healthy living helps you to sleep better.

5. Healthy living helps you to control stress and anxiety.

6. Healthy living lowers your risk of having cancer.

7. Healthy living can help you to age slower.

8. Healthy living helps you to keep up a good

9. Healthy living helps you to lower your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

10. Healthy living helps you to maintain good levels of cholesterol.

11. Healthy living helps you increase your energy levels.

12. Healthy living can help you cut the chances of dying prematurely.

13. Healthy living helps to reduce the risk of getting diabetic.

14. Healthy living helps you to build strong bones.

15. Healthy living helps you to improve your memory and reduce the chances of getting brain diseases such as dementia

16. Healthy living helps to improve circulation of the blood.


What Is Physical Activity?

Physical activity is the body movement that makes you use energy and burn fat or calories.

Physical activity comes in two main categories which are moderate and vigorous.

What Does Moderate Activity / Exercise Mean

When doing moderate activity/exercise

⁛ You body movement makes you work hard enough to raise your heart rate

⁛ You will start to sweat

⁛ You can talk but can’t sing a full song.

Examples Of Moderate Activity Or Exercise 

1. Power Walk

2. Cycling

3. Hovering

4. Mopping Floor

5. Dancing

6. Caring less heavy items

7. Swimming slowly

What Does Vigorous Activity / Exercise Mean

When doing moderate activity/exercise

⁛ You will be breathing hard and fast.

⁛ You heart rate will significantly raise high.

⁛ You can’t talk more than 2 or 3 words without pausing for a breath.

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Examples Of Vigorous Activity Or Exercise 

1. Jogging

2. Running

3.Walking uphill

4. Cycling uphill

5. Cycling fast

6. Skipping rope

7. Swimming fast

8.Playing football

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What Is Healthy Eating

Healthy eating means choosing to eat balanced meals. A balanced meal consists of five food groups which are





. Fats

Your body needs all the foods in these food groups.

It is important to make sure that you eat something from one of these 5 food group each time you are eating breakfast, lunch and supper.

Nutrients are vital for your body they help you to stay healthy.

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10 Tips For Healthy Eating 

Too many people choose to eat unhealthy foods because of perception that healthy foods cost a bit more than healthy foods.

But you can learn to shop wisely and save money whilst eating healthy food.

Making small changes in the food you eat will help you to eat healthily.

Here are some of the changes you can make

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables make sure you are getting your 5 a day 

2. Swap unhealthy food for healthy food.

3. Eat less fat

4. Read labels on food

5. Consume food from a variety of food groups.

6. Include nuts in your diet they contain a variety of nutrients.

7. Eat the right portion of food

8. Cut out sugar and salt in food.

9. Eat more whole grain.

10. Cut down on alcohol intake.


What is Mental and Spiritually Well Being

Mental and spiritual well-being is very important part of healthy living.

Mental wellness is about making sure that you keep your mind in the right state of mind.

Spiritual well- being comprises of having beliefs and beliefs that provide a purpose in your life.

Spiritual wellness shapes your mental wellness in many ways.

11 Ways To Improve Mental And Spiritually Well Being

1. Increase your knowledge.

2. Socialise more

3. Stay in the present moment.

4. Giving other.

5. Visit new place.

6. Think positive

7. Try not to resist events in your life

8. Have fun

9. Be grateful

10. Ask for help

11. Have alone time every day







































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