Healthy Food Swaps: Regular Yogurt Verse Greek Yogurt

28th April 2017
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Do you like eating yogurt? Which favors do you like most?

which yogurt is healthier

Last month I shared with you my experience of swapping white bread for brown bread if you missed it, you can see it here.

This month I have swapped regular yogurt for plain Greek yogurt and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Here is my comparison of…

Regular Yogurt                    Verse                 Greek Yogurt

Protein: Regular yogurt has less protein as compared to Greek yogurt.


Protein: Greek yogurt has also 50% more protein than regular yogurt.
Sodium: Regular yogurt has more than double sodium or salt than Greek yogurt.


 Sodium: Greek yogurt is good for you as it contains low s0dium.
 Carbohydrates: Regular yogurt has almost three times the number of carbohydrates than Greek yogurt. 


 Carbohydrates: Greek yogurt has less carbohydrates than regular yogurt
 Fat: Regular yogurt has less fat as compared to Greek yogurt.   Fat: Greek yogurt has almost three times more fat than regular yogurt.  If you are trying to cut on fat in your diet the good news is, there are many  fat-free or low- fat Greek yogurt available in most supermarkets.
 Uses: The uses of regular yogurt are limited than the  uses of Greek yogurt.  Uses:  Greek yogurt can be used for many things see: 10 Ways To Use Plain Greek Yogurt.
Texture: Regular yogurt is less thick than Greek yogurt.  Texture: Greek yogurt is much thicker.

What I Thought About Greek Yogurt.

After trying both Greek yogurt and regular yogurt, I have decided to stick with Greek yogurt as it is more healthier.

Regular yogurt has high sugar levels as compared to plan Greek yogurt.

When eating plan Greek yogurt as a snack I enjoy mixing it with fruits to make it a bit sweet. This way I know what’s in my food.

Regular yogurt has some added sugar and too much sugar is not good for your healthy.

I also found that it’s best to buy plan non-fat Greek yogurt as you limit the amount of fat and sugar you eat.

I have also started having making overnight oats with Greek yogurt using different fruits. I will be sharing with you some of the recipes over next weeks so stay tuned.

5 Healthy Benefits Of  Including Greek Yogurt In Your Diet.

1. Greek yogurt is high in calcium, you need calcium for strong bones and muscles.

2. Greek yogurt has good levels of potassium which helps to lower your blood pressure.

3. Greek yogurt is low in carbohydrates, if you are trying to loss weight or would like to maintain your current weight Greek yogurt help.

4. Greek yogurt is good for the digestive system it contains good bacteria which helps to facilitates the easy digesting of food in the body.

5. Greek yogurts high levels of vitamin B12 which helps with some of functions of the body including the functioning of the brain.

10 Ways To Use plain Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is so versatile it’s easy to use. It can be used when preparing many kind of meals. Here are some ways you can use Greek yogurt.

1. Use as mayonnaise in salads.

2. Use as  meat marinade.

3. Use as salad dressings.

4. Use in baking

5.  Use as cake frosting

6. Use in smoothies ,

7. Use as dipping sauce

8. Use when cooking curry.

9. Use when cooking omelettes eggs.

10. Use as ice cream.

6  Tips To Look For When Buying Greek Yogurt.

These days when shopping for Greek yogurt it can be its overwhelming to see so many different pots of yogurt on the shelves.

Nevertheless take your time when choosing  Greek yogurt the supermarket shelves.

1. Buy plan Greek yogurt avoid buying flavored yogurt.

2. Buy Greek yogurt with no added sugar or sweeteners.

3. Buy  fat-free or low- fat Greek yogurt.

4. Look at the labels and choose plain Greek yogurt with less additives.

5. If you find a good offer on Greek yogurt buy 2 or more extra and put in your freezer. Greek yogurt freezes well,  thaw it before use as it just as good as the fresh one.

6. If your pocket allows buy organic Greek yogurt, it may cost a bit more but its worth every penny.

Buying organic Greek yogurt you will know that the cows that made the milk were feed on good quality food and were not given any artificial growth hormones.

Over to you..

What do like Greek yogurt?

How do you use Greek yogurt in your diet?

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