Healthy Food Swaps: White Bread Versus Brown Bread

3rd April 2017
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I am on a journey of healthy eating. Each month I will be sharing with you food I will be swapping from my current diet.

Do you like eating bread? How many times a week do you eat bread?


white bread versus brown bread 1Ever since I was a child I enjoyed eating white bread. Whether it was toast or just plain bread with butter or peanut butter I enjoyed it.

Growing up I was not a big fan of brown bread. I am not sure why but I think it has to do with colour of brown bread.

Funny how I carried this dislike of brown bread into my adult life.

I decided to do a research on the internet on the differences of brown bread and white bread. From what I found out I decided to swap my usual white bread for brown bread.

Here is the comparison…

White Bread                        Versus                Brown Bread

Flour content: The flour used to make white bread is more processed than the flour in brown bread. Flour content: The flour used in making brown bread is less processed.
During Processing: During the processing of white flour the nutritious part which is the germ and bran of the wheat is removed.  During Processing: In brown bread the nutritious part the germ and the bran is left intact making brown bread more nutritious .
Starch Content: White bread is more starchy than brown bread Starch Content: Brown bread is less starchy
Nutrition: White bread has less fiber and vitamins because of the bran that is removed during processing. Nutrition: Brown bread has more fiber as the fiber comes from the bran which is left intact when making brown bread.
Sugar Content: The sugar in white bread is more than the sugar in brown bread. Sugar Content: In brown sugar there is less sugar.
Calories Content: Because of the high starch and sugar content in white bread, it contains more calories than brown bread Calories Content: Less calories in own bread
Glycemic Index: White bread has higher glycemic index which means it can spike your blood level sugar.
In the long run may cause healthy problems like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
Glycemic Index: Brown bread has low in glycemic index which means it does not affect your blood sugar levers.
Dangerous Chemicals: Bleach chemicals such as potassium bromate and chlorine dioxide gas are used in the removal of bran and the gem in white bread.

These chemicals are dangerous if used in large quantities 

Dangerous Chemicals: The bran and the germ are not removed so no dangerous chemicals are used in processing wheat flour.

What I Thought About Brown Bread

After trying brown bread for a full month I think I will ditch white bread for good.

Yes, brown bread might not taste as white bread but I did get used it. There is a bit of difference to the taste of brown and white bread.

Brown bread is wholesome than white bread. Its more filling than white bread.

Although when toasted white bread looks more pleasing to the eye than brown bread.  Nevertheless, brown bread has more to offer than its’ looks when toasted.

Brown bread is healthier than white bread and has more health benefits.

6 Tips To Look For When Buying Brown Bread

1. Check the ingredients label to see which flour is being used, the best flour for brown bread is wholemeal or whole wheat flour.

2. Avoid buying brown bread with refined or enriched wording as the flour used is likely to be processed just like the one used in white bread.

3 Make sure the first ingredient on the label should be whole wheat or wholemeal.

4. Aim to buy bread with less salt and fat check the labels and compare.

5. The fewer the ingredients on the label the more likely the bread is healthier. If you notice too many ingredients with words that you find difficult to say out the bread might be full of too much unhealthy stuff avoid buying it.

If you notice too many ingredients with words that you find difficult to say out the bread might be full of too much unhealthy stuff avoid buying it.

6. Be warned if there is caramel on the ingredients list then it’s likely the brown bread has been colored in other words you will be buying a white bread that has been colored to brown.

Over to you…

Which bread do you like white or brown?

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