Healthy Food Swaps: Tinned Tomatoes Versus Fresh Tomatoes

4th January 2018
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Tomatoes are so colourful packed with nutrients.

Tomatoes are fruits which can be used in many ways. I  mainly used tomatoes when cooking stews, salads, pasta sauce and when making sandwiches.

Fresh Tomatoes


Tomatoes can be used while they are fresh or they can be tinned tomatoes it all depends on what you are cooking.

I have always cooked with tinned tomatoes when making stews, sauces and soups it never occurred to me to use the fresh ones, probably because of the conveniences that comes with using tinned tomatoes.

I only use fresh tomatoes in salads and in sandwiches.

I decided to swap tinned tomatoes for fresh tomatoes for cooking all my food and I also researched health benefits of using fresh tomatoes.

Here is the comparison…

Tinned Tomatoes          Versus           Fresh Tomatoes


The metal used for some tinned tomatoes is made with BPA which has caused some health scares over the last decades.


Fresh tomatoes do not have any link to any BPA and you only need to make sure you wash them before use to make them safe.


Most tinned tomatoes have added water in them.

A tin of tomatoes only has 50% or 60% of tomatoes the rest is water.


With fresh tomatoes there is no added water what you are getting is real tomatoes.

Tomato Skins

During the canning of tomatoes the skin of the tomatoes is removed.

The skin of tomatoes contains carotenoids which are antioxidants for the body and have cancer-fighting properties.

Tomato Skins

Cooking with fresh tomatoes with skins not removed is a great idea as you gain more antioxidants.

Vitamin A

Tinntomatoestos have less vitamin A as compared to fresh tometoes.

Vitamin A

Fresh tomatoes have more vitamin A than tinned tomatoes.


Almost all tinned tomatoes have added acidity regular : citric acid which changes the natural tase of tomatoes.


Fresh tomatoes have far less citric acid than the tinned tomatoes.


After using fresh tomatoes for one month and ditching tinned tomatoes I can say fresh tomatoes taste better than tinned tomatoes.

When I was cooking with fresh tomatoes food tastes much better because the acidity in fresh tomato is less than the amount of citric acid in tinned tomatoes.

Although fresh tomatoes are much more expensive than tinned ones, it’s better to use fresh tomatoes as they have many health benefits.

  3 Tips To Save Money On Fresh Tomatoes

1. Buy fresh tomatoes from Farmer’s Market as they tend to be less expensive than buying elsewhere.

By doing this you will also be supporting your local farmers then buying tomatoes that have travelled a thousand miles away.

2. When tomatoes are in season buy more and freeze. Put your tomatoes in ziplock bags and put them in the freezer.

When you need to use the frozen tomatoes thaw them before use.

Freezing tomatoes is a great way to preserve them.

If you see a good offer on tomatoes why not buy more and freeze them and use them later.

3. Grow your own tomatoes. It’s easy to grow tomatoes from seeds or from seedling, you can grow them on the ground or in containers. Growing your own tomatoes will help you save a lot of money.

Growing your own tomatoes will help you save a lot of money.

Over to you.

Which tomatoes do you prefer, tinned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes?

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