Healthy Food Swaps: Deep Fat Fryer Versus Actifry . Which Is Best?

30th January 2017
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I am on a journey of healthy eating. Each month I will be sharing with you food I will be swapping from my current diet.


I will try out healthy food swaps for a month and I will come back here and report what I thought about it the swap. I will start slowly by introducing small healthy changes to achieve my healthy eating goal.

I think there are there are plenty of healthy ways to substitute to healthier food without feeling like you’re making a big sacrifice and I way to see if they will work for me.

I believing swapping your food to healthy food will make a difference to your overall health.

In January I swapped my deep fat fryer for an Actifry Low Fat Fryer in the hope of reducing the amount of fatty food we eat in our house.

I enjoy home cooking we set our Fridays for home cooked take-away food.

Fries are usually on the menu on Friday and this meant using our old deep fat fry as we don’t like the taste of oven cooked fries.

We decided to try out  an Actifry Low Fat Fryer for a healthier option and here is our comparison of :

Deep Fat Fryer           Versus        Actifry Low Fat Fryer

Uses too much oil Uses only a tablespoon of oil or even less
You have to stand over your deep fat fryer whilst our food is cooking
You don’t  have to stand over the  fryer when cooking with it
There is high risk of oil fires and a high chance of burns as oil splatter over you when putting food in hot oil. It is safe to cook with no danger of oil fires or hot oil splattering over you while cooking with it.
 It’s very difficult to clean It’s very easy to clean
It cost more to run as you need to fill it with about 3 liters of oil
It cost less as you have to put only a  tablespoon or less of oil
The food taste great because of the oil but very it’s unhealthy Less oil used and the food taste great.
Most deep fryers  don’t have any timer or alarm to tell you when food is ready.
It has a timer and alarm to tell our when food is ready


After trying out we are very happy with the results of Actifry Low Fat Fryer fryer and we will never go back to cooking with a deep fat fryer.

We now eat healthy meals with less fat which is a good thing.

Looking forward to sharing with you my next food swap next month. Happy healthy eating to you!

Over to you?

Do you cook with an actifry? What do you like about it?

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