Healthy Food Swaps: Brown Rice Versus White Rice?

27th February 2017
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I am on a journey of healthy eating. Each month I will be sharing with you food I will be swapping from my current diet.

Last month I share with you my experience of swapping fatty foods to none fatty foods by swapping my Deep Fat Fryer for an Actifry fryer.

brown rice vs white

This month I have swapped white rice for brown rice.  After researching the difference of brown rice and white rice I discovered brown rice is more healthy than white rice.

Here is the comparison of …

Brown Rice                 Verses                   White Rice

Brown rice has more minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6, manganese, thiamine. White rice has less of minerals and vitamins.
Brown rice is whole grain which means it contains all parts of the grain. White rice is not whole grain, nutritious parts of the grain are removed, which are the bran and germ to turn it into refined.
Brown rice has more fiber White rice has less fiber as it is removed in the refining process. 
Brown rice has higher antioxidants White rice has far less antioxidants than brown rice
Brown rice is great for weight loss as you tend to get fuller quicker.  White rice is not full of fibber therefore you need to eat more of it to get fuller.
Brown rice has heart-healthy oils which help to reduce cholesterol. White has far less heart healthy oils in it

What I Thought About Brown Rice

I have been used to eating white rice for as long I can remember. I had never tried out brown rice so this was a challenge for me at the same time I was excited to try it out.

The taste of brown rice has a different to the taste of white rice, brown rice has a good nutty taste and it Brown rice more chewy than white rice. White rice is much fluffy than brown rice when cooked.

Brown rice cost a little bit more than white rice nevertheless brown rice is much more healthy.

Brown rice has more fiber so when cooking it, you need about less of it as you would need when cooking white rice.

Over to you…

Which rice do you prefer white rice of brown rice?

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