Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 1

26th August 2016
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Last Friday we visited our relatives down south  in Portsmouth we had a great time there, we went with the kids. We returned back on Tuesday afternoon.

On arrival we noticed a lonely bird in our back garden seating on the fence we think it is a wood pigeon. We first thought it was looking for food but after it sat there for a long time we began to worry.

We normally see these birds in our garden but they don’t usually stay that much long.


Our Investigation Begins

We decided to go outside to see why this bird was sitting here. When we open the door the bird just set there it didn’t move an inch which surprised us.

Most cases when we open our kitchen and there are any birds in the garden they usually fly away before we even step outside.

I even went near the bird but it bird didn’t even move this baffled us even more. My husband decided to look around our garden.

We Discovered One Baby Bird

My husband walked around the garden and saw one baby bird sitting comfortable in one of the bags we planted potatoes.  It was alive and moving. See if you can spot it in the photo we took below.


We were all emotional as we now realised that the bird on the fence was the mother of the baby.  Even my kids had tears in their eyes.

The baby bird must have fallen or been blown away from its nest and fell in our potato bag. There is a tree direct above were our potato bag is so we suppose baby bird landed there when it fell  from it’s nest.

How the bird survived the big fall we don’t know. We sometimes get unwelcome visitors in our garden (Cats) they go and do their business at our neighbor’s back garden but they pass through our back garden.

We decided to look for advice about our situation. According to The RSPB advice on baby birds we should not move these chick to a new location it can reduce its chances of long-term survival.

Our biggest worry was whether this baby bird will survive knowing cats sometimes visit our garden.

The Morning After We Discovered The Baby Bird In the Back Garden

The next morning when we woke up everyone wanted to go and check out the baby bird. We normally have our routines but that morning it was all thrown out of the window.

That morning we all woke up wanting to go in the back garden to check out the baby bird.

We were greeted by the mother of the baby bird sitting on the fence. She was sitting there and all we wanted to ask her was how is the baby.

She kept looking suspiciously at us as she did not know whether to trust us near her baby. We checked the baby bird and we were happy to see that it had survived the night.

We have since given the bird on the fence and it’s baby names. My kid decided on the names we called the mother Suzi and the baby bird Lucky.

I will keep posting regular updates of the survival of the baby bird Lucky so stay tuned. I can’t wait to share with you what we are experiencing and witnessing in our back garden.

Nature at it best.

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