Fun Activity Ideas For Family During Winter Holiday

21st November 2017
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The winter holiday comes with a lot of opportunities.

Families can take advantage of this holiday to spend some quality time together.

This break comes with decorations, celebrations and lots of chances for holiday merriment.

But when Christmas is over but the break isn’t, then what do you do?


When the festivities are over and done with, the fun doesn’t have to end too.

There’s still some time to have fun with the whole family before school starts again.

You may have gotten some awesome presents for your kids.

These include electronic toys, ride on toys, books, and other such fun items.

But realistically, your child won’t play with these toys for days.

You have to think about fun activities to keep your little ones entertained.

Scatter the activities so you can have fun throughout the holiday.

Here are some excellent suggestions for you to consider

1. Go Ice Skating Together

Winter is the best time to go ice skating as a family.

You may go and visit an indoor rink or an outdoor one, aka a frozen lake.

Going ice skating together is sure to be a lot of fun. You can do this with your kids, even the younger ones.

Ice skating is an enjoyable activity for all ages.

Even if your kids don’t know how to skate, this would be an excellent time to teach them.

Go together as a family to enjoy this winter activity.

2. Go Snowboarding or Skiing

After you go skating, why not try your hand at snowboarding or skiing. You can only enjoy these sports during the winter months so make the most of it! If there’s snow in your area, bundle up your family and go to the nearest snowboarding or ski area.

If you don’t have the equipment, you can easily rent them from these places. You can also hire a professional instructor to teach you how to snowboard or ski. Learn this new skill as a family.

3. Play Games With The Kids

Games are a fun way to spend time with the whole family.

Even if the weather gets bad during the winter, the fun doesn’t have to stop.

There are many games and activities you can play with your kids.

Otherwise, you can go to the mall or other activity centers and play there.

The important thing is to spend time with the family.

Remember that your kids won’t stay young forever.

Cherish the moments by playing with them and building fun memories.

4. Bake And Cook With Your  Kids

Here’s another fun idea you can do at home – cooking and baking!

Make yourselves chefs for the day and cook up some delectable treats.

You can also bake some cookies and have a fancy tea party when you’re done.

Just make sure you follow all safety rules while cooking and baking.

Do this so the fun time doesn’t get spoiled by injuries.

5. Go On A Winter Scavenger Hunt

You can do this activity indoors and outdoors.

When playing indoors, hide the items when your child is asleep.

Then, when he or she wakes up, give the list of items and allow your child to find them.

When doing this outdoors, hide the items all around the yard.

Make them winter-themed like parts of a snowman.

Then, when your child finds all the items, create a snowman together!

With scavenger hunts, there are lots of possibilities.

6. Have A Movie Day

Having a movie day is fun for any season.

You can also do this from home or outside of the home.

Bundle up your whole family and go on a trip to the nearest cinema.

Usually, cinemas play Christmas movies during this time of the year.

Ask your child to pick the movie and enjoy it all together.

You can also do this at home.

Decorate your place according to the movie you’ll play and have a movie theme night.

Prepare snacks and dress up in your jammies as you watch movies together right in your living room.

7. Think Of Creative Indoor Activities

If you love doing arts and crafts, then this is the perfect activity for you.

Search online and you’ll find thousands of Christmas craft ideas.

Find some great ideas and prepare the materials for it.

Then, once you’ve prepared everything, call the rest of the family and start crafting!

You can even perform some science experiments if crafting is not your thing.

Again, you can search online and find a wealth of information about science experiments.

Find the best ones which you can perform with your kids.

8. Have Fun As A Family

Finally, just have fun.

Like we said earlier, the winter holiday is an excellent time to bond with all the members of the family.

Whether you think of activities indoors or outdoors, the important thing is doing them together.

There are tons of possibilities, all you need is creativity and a willingness to have fun together.

Play and get creative with your family this holiday season!

This article was written by Kevin  co-founder of Toys Advisors blog.

He has a lovely family with my wife Anna, son Tom and daughter Jane.

He spent most of time with my family,andlike to  learn and share about topics on parenting and DIY.

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