Fruits and Vegetable I am Growing In My Garden 2017

13th July 2017
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Do you like growing you own vegetables and fruits?

I enjoy growing my own vegetables and vegetables. I try to grow fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow and care for.

Last year I shared what I was growing in my garden and I got many positive responses from you.

This year I am growing a variety of fruit and vegetables.

I don’t have a big garden.

I have divided the space I have in my my garden into small beds so that I can grow a variety of things.

Having small beds helps me to manage my garden much better than having bigger beds.

Here is what I am growing in my garden this year.
growing peas

1. Peas

I am growing green peas and purple peas in my garden. Both peas are easy to grow I started them as seeds in spring  and I had to put them in my mini green house.

I am already harvesting some of both peas and I am freezing some of them to use later.

growing beans

2. Beans

I am also growing climbing green beans and runner beans. I have put them on a garden trellis so that they can climb on it.

I started growing these as seed during late spring as they don’t like the cold weather. They are doing well and have started to flower now.

growing cabbage

3. Cabbage

I am also growing cabbage. I bought the seeding when I visited Stonebridge City  Farm which is located in Nottingham.

They we selling a variety of seed and the cabbage seeding for only £1  and each pack contained about 20 seedling what a bargain!

Last hear I also had cabbages in my garden unfortunately I was not lucky during harvesting they had cabbage-worms and all the cabbage was ruined.

I hope this hear I will have a good harvest.

growing cucumber

4. Cucumber And Cauliflower

This is the first time I am growing  .  I started growing these from seeds.

I got the seed for free my child’s class teacher who is a keen garden just like me.

The cucumbers are now flowing fingers crossed they will start to produce cucumbers soon.

Yellow cucumber like to climb therefore I have put  canes to support them.

As for the cauliflower I bought the seedlings Stonebridge City  Farm.

growing carrots


I am also growing carrots, I also started growing carrots this year from seeds.

They are growing very fast I have already checked one to see how they are growing and I think the soil that they are growing in is not good enough as they are  finding it difficult to go deep down .

Carrots should be planted in sandy soil so that they find it easy to push though.  I had put sandy soil  in this bed prior to planning the seedling but I think it not enough.

growing chard

6. Chard and Spinach

I have spinach and chard in my garden. Spinach and chard are great to include in dished such as stews, pies or as a side dish.

Here is one way I like to cook spinach and chard.

and are so easy to grow.

I sow seed early spring and kept them in my mini green house. I planted the seedling some time in April.

Spinach and chard are less likely to be attacked by garden pest such as green-worm and snails.

Last year my spinach lasted all the winter and I was still able to harvest throughout but not as much as in warmer months.

growing covo nero

7. Cavolo Nero

I am also growing covolo nero vegetables.

It has distinctive long, green leaves. I first saw this vegetable a few years in Tesco Free Magazine a few years ago when it was being introduced in Tesco supermarkets right across the country.

I decided to buy the vegetables from Tesco and I loved the taste of cavolo nero but however at the cost of  £1.40 for only 8 leaves I thought it was a bit to much.

So I researched on how to grow cavolo nero on the intenet and found out that I could grow it at a far less cost to me.

I bought the cavolo nero seed from amazon for only £0.99 and sow then in spring. My cavola nero vegetables are doing well as you can see from the picture above.

From what I researched on the internet they will last me through out winter.

They are also packed with lots of vitamins such as B vitamins, fibre, calcium,iron, copper and manganese.

growing purple kale

8. Green Kale And Purple Kale

I am growing green kale and purple kale. They both come from the same family as cavolo nero.

I like how they look in my garden they are so eye catching.

I like to include purple kale in salads. I also use both vegetables when cooking stews, pasta and pies.

growing tomatoes

9. Tomatoes

I have tomatoes also in my garden. I have put canes to give tomatoes support.

They are just starting to flower and I have started to pinch new side-shoots to train the tomatoes plant to grown upward.

Last year I have a big harvest of tomatoes I even froze some and used them through out winter.

I hope this year I will have another big harvest as I have increased the number of tomato plants in my garden.

purple lettice

10. Salad Leaves

Here are some salad leaves I am growing in containers scattered around my garden.

I think it better to grow these in containers because on the ground the snails will have a big party with them.


11. Lettuce

I am also growing lettuce in my garden in containers.

It is saving me a few trips to the supermarket as I am already harvesting it so don’t need to include lettuce on my weekly grocery list.

I started growing lettuce from seeds in mini green house.

marigold flower growing

12. Marigold Flower

I also have different flowers around my garden but one particular flower I would like to share with you is marigold.

Marigolds help to repel garden pests such as tomato horn-worms, and white flies. I like to scatter these flowers all around my vegetable garden.

growing sweetcorn

13. Sweet Corn and Butternuts 

Last year I had lots of sweet corn in my garden.

This year I have scaled down on sweet corn in my garden simply because I wanted to try out other new vegetables.

I am growing butternuts alongside the sweet corn. I started both of these as seed so far they are doing well.

yellow corgetti

14. Yellow Courgette/Zucchini

It’s my first time of growing yellow courgette I decided to put them in containers because I had run out of vegetable beds.

They are growing well I have 3 plant in the different containers and they are staring to flower hopefully they will start to produce the courgette plant soon.

tomato growing tips

Here is another bed of tomatoes that I have in my garden.

Gardening is for everyone weather you have a big garden or a small garden you can grow something.

I hope I have inspired you to start growing some vegetables in your gardens with this article.

Over to you?

Which vegetable do you enjoy eating?

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