Forgotten By Susan Lewis-Novel Review

8th May 2018
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Here is a book review of

Fogotten Susan Lewis

Forgotten By Susan Lewis

Story Line Of The Novel

The novel tells a story about Lisa Martin and David Kirby who were forced to go separate ways they never thought that one day they may fall in love again.

After meeting again after many years apart they were both surprised to notice that they all still love each other the way they used to long time ago.

They decide to marry each other thinking that they will spend the rest of their lives together.

David has one daughter Rosalind and they are very close.

Rosilind is not very keen on her new step-mother because she blames her father for marrying her soon after her mother’s death.

But suddenly they discover some shocking news about David ‘s healthy.

They all know that this is a battle they can’t win but David and Lisa are willing to fight it.

How will they cope, will they ever live happily ever after?

Will Rosalind and Lisa’s relationship ever improve?

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What I Thought About This Novel

I really like reading books written by Susan Lewis, so when I bought this novel I couldn’t wait to start turning the pages.

I enjoyed reading this novel, it was easy to read and understand the storyline.

The main characters are believable and you can relate to them.

However, I thought the book was a bit slow at the start but once the storyline started to develop it was interesting.

I really like how Susan Lewis takes common diseases in our society and use them to create awareness, in this book she writes about how dementia affect people’s lives.

I recommand this book to anyone who likes a good read and anyone who is a fan of Susan Lewis.

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