Family Day Out Nottingham City Beach

20th September 2017
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Have you ever been to a man-made city beach?

Every year during summer holidays Nottingham City Council set up a beach right in the center of the city for people to come and enjoy.

We decided to have a family day out at the City beach as a reward for the progress we have made on saving money to buy our first house.

nottingham city beach

You might already know that initially we had decided to go to Skegness beach for our reward but we were so busy during the holiday.

So we decided to visit Nottingham City Beach which is only about 20 minutes drive from our house.

nottingham city beach

On our arrival, the beach looked lively with lots of people up and about some just sitting on the sand.

It was a lovely day with lot of sunshine.

All of my kids really enjoyed the fun they all jump in the sand and started to make castles.

We had bought each of them aof different things.

nottingham city beach

We went with our foldable which we used for sitting all the beach chairs we occupied.

There was a big swimming pool and some air bubble for the children to go in.

On the sand, there were some scattered beach hut canopies which provided a bit of shade to people sitting on the sand.

nottingham city beach

There were a lot of places around the beach that were selling food and drinks and there was even a pub selling alcohol.

nottingham city beach

There were different fairground rides for all ages from toddlers to adults they provided a lot of fun for everyone.

nottingham city rides

I really enjoyed being on this skyscraper ride but I must say it did make my heart pump because of my fear of heights.

There were all sorts of games including fish a duck and different coin games.

We really enjoyed the visit to the beach especially the kids, afterwards, we treated each of our kids with a Mcdonalds meal.

They prefer Mcdonalds than other restaurants I think its to do with the toys they get with their meals.

My husband and I decided to eat at one of our favourite restaurant which is Nandos.

5 Tips for Visiting A City Beach.

1. Check the weather before heading to the beach it’s no use going to the beach when the forecast is saying rain and wind on the way.

2. Pack a change of clothes for kids. Kids like to play and they don’t mind messing themselves up in the sand so it a good idea to always have changing clothes on stand by just in case.

3. Put sun screen to protect yourself from the sunshine. We all know the benefits of the sun to our health such as free vitamin D.

But too much exposure to the sun can have a negative impact on your skin and health.

4. Go early to get a good sitting area.

5. Dress lightly when going to the beach as you don’t want to have too much stuff on your body.

Light dresses, shorts, T- shirts, sandals, flip flops these are the type of clothing you ought to have.

Over to you…

Have you ever been to a beach?

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