Family Day Out At Wheelgate Theme Park

19th August 2016
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Last week we went to Wheelgate Theme Park in Nottinghamshire as a family.

We arrived at the theme park at around 12 pm and left at around 5 pm. We stayed there for about 5 hours and still run out of time we didn’t get time to go to all the fun places because this theme park is massive. I will be sharing some of the pictures and activities we did there and enjoyed.

wheelgate theme park

This is a water slide is located near the zoo area. Unfortunately, none of us went on this slide as we forgot to bring our swimming gear. But it was fun to see other people going on it and having fun.

Next time we will defiantly go on it provided we remember to pack our swimming gear.

wheelgate theme park

We loved this statue of a dinosaur on playground of the theme park.


We had fun going around The Sherwood Forest Hexo Hedge Maze. Walking into dead ends was fun and exciting but in the end, we finished the maze.

The kids really enjoyed they thought we were never going to come out of the maze.

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I liked this statue of this horse which is near the entrance of the theme park.


My 2 older kids loved these Super Hero Mascots. They were very fun and friendly.

Unfortunately. my last born child who is 2 was a bit scared of them. I think she thought of them as being monsters from another planet.


We also saw some snakes and  I have a confession to make, which is I am so scared of snakes more than I am scared of spiders.

I couldn’t stand it when my husband and kids went near the snake’s cubicles, while I was scared standing a few meters from them.

We also saw one of the most dangerous snake in the world which was a boa constrictor.

It’s was quite huge. We had only seen boa constrictor snakes on the television, seeing one face to face was an opportunity we could only dream of.

I would have loved to show you a picture of it, unfortunately. it was lying in a dark corner in its cubicle so it was difficult to take a picture of it, lying down in that dark corner.

Fortunately, we managed to take a picture of one of the snakes above but I can’t remember its name. Silly me.


We saw some deer and they looked so beautiful. My kid liked them, they thought that they were reindeer the ones that pull father Christmas sleigh.

I corrected them just before they were about to ask the deer what was Santa Clause bring them this  Christmas. Kids!


We saw a family of goats they were friendly. When they saw us they were very interested in us and they came towards the fences I supposed to greet us and to welcome us to their house (pen)


We also saw an Iguana. It looked happy and comfortable in its cubicle.

We had the great opportunity to see polish chickens. All of us had not seen any polish chickens and were all surprised to see them.

They are quite different to the other chickens we are used to seeing because they have so many feathers on their head. The feathers also cover their eyes such that we couldn’t help ourselves but wonder how they see.
Wheelgate birds

The bird in the above picture is an owl, and it name is Pippa. It was so lovely to see it. It kept answering the kids when they called its name, such a clever bird.

wheelgate bird

We also saw a bird show display for two of their birds of prey including the one in the photo above. The kid loved watching the birds perform in the bird show and they also learned a lot of information about birds of prey.

The Bird show was presented by Sam and Jemma they both work at Wheelgate Theme Park and they hosted a fantastic bird show ever (just as my kids described the experience).

The kids also enjoyed different rides there, they also had a ride on the 2 different train there. They were also pretty of indoor activities which were good.

We had a great time there with the kids since we run out of time and did not manage to go on other rides and places such as Alien Galaxy Zone, Pony Rides, Robin wood water park, we plan to visit this theme park again next year.

I strongly recommend  Wheelgate Theme Park to any anyone with young kids for a family day out.

Over to you….

Which theme park have you recently visited?

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