Family Day Out At The Garden Center

1st June 2017
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Entertaining kids can easily put you out of budget.

But here is one way you can entertain your kids for a day for free by just visiting your local garden center.

This spring we visited Brookfields Garden Center,  which is located in Nottingham.

We spent about 2 hours in the afternoon just exploring the garden center.

As you already know we are keen gardeners we decided to visit the garden center mainly for inspiration just like visiting the Chelsea flower show but of course on a small scale.

We managed to capture some pictures on our new camera and we are happy to share these photos here.

flowers at gardern center

We saw these potted primrose bedding flowers they looked great.

They were very coulorful with healthy blooming flowers and leaves.

roses flowers

We also saw these individually potted rose plants.

The leaves we just starting to come out from the stems.


These potted hardy perennials flowers were on a good offer only 4 for £10.

Personal I prefer perennial flowers because they keep coming after each winter.

They might look as if they have died during winter months but come spring they will start to come alive again.

Unlike seasonal flowers which die off as soon as summer or autumn ends.

white flower

They were also these beautiful flowers with large green leaves and white flowers. We can’t recall the name of these flowers but they looked very nice.

 vegetables seeds

They were also selling vegetable seedlings. They had all sorts of vegetables including red cabbage, green beans, salad leaves.

We manage to buy one tray of purple kale seedlings and one tray of purple sweet pea seedling which looked great and we have already planted these in our garden.

We will update you on how well they are doing in the next few weeks when we will show you what we are growing in our garden this year.

garden figurines

We also saw these garden ornaments which looked fantastic. My 3-Year-old child couldn’t stop singing Old McDonald nursery rhyme when she saw all the farm animal garden ornament.

She really enjoyed this part of the garden center.

gardern boarders

They also had these garden edging borders on sale which are great to put all around your garden.


We also saw chickens and a few birds that were outside in sheds.

Inside the garden center, they also had an aquarium with lots of fish, some of the fish we already knew them as we had seen them when we visited Sea Life Birmingham Aquarium.

The kids really loved seeing the fish in the tanks and they were asking us to buy then fish to keep as pets.(Something we will consider in the future.)

We also saw a few aquatic turtles swimming in different terrariums.

Overall we enjoyed the visit at the garden center and we look forward to visiting other garden centers which are local to us.

Over to you…

Have you been to a garden center?

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