Family Day Out At Sea Life Birmingham Aquarium

25th January 2017
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Last weekend we visited Sea Life Birmingham Aquarium as a family. This visit was a reward for the whole family for reaching £15 000 in our house savings goal.

About The Visit.

We drove to the aquarium and arrived there at around 11 am.  We had bought our entry tickets in advance so we didn’t have to wait in the queue for a long time and this was very helpful.

We managed to save money for the tickets by using 2 for 1 vouchers which we collected last year from Kellogg’s cereal boxes.

We had never been to an aquarium and we were all looking forward to seeing wild sea creatures.

This was the real thing for us rather than watching Planet Earth sitting at home like we usually do. We were all geared up to seeing the real stuff.

We started off by seeing some lovely Emperor penguins. The penguins were having their dinner. There were being fed small fish by staff members of the aquarium.


We moved around the aquarium and there were different creature we saw. The kids were fascinated and excited as they “found Dora and Nemo” in one of the fish tanks and they could not stop talking about it.

Dory fish

We moved on and we saw some jelly fish . They kept us all of us mesmerized as they moved up and down in their tank. They looked so beautiful.

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jelly fish

We saw some giant sea turtles in one of their bigger tank.  We all thought that turtles only live on land so you can imagine the surprise when we saw them in water.

sea turtle

They were some sharks in the same tank as the turtle and other fish. We thought that the sharks were quite small than what we had anticipated however we enjoyed seeing them.

We also saw some pretty floating starfish. When my 2 year old daughter saw the starfish she was in her wonderland and started to sing out loud twinkle twinkle little star.

star fish

We saw these colorful beautiful small clownfish.


We went through the 360-degree tunnel where you get the best view of most of the sea creatures. We really enjoyed the view and there was a guided talk when we went through the tunnel.

We really enjoyed the visit, we had such a great day and hope to go again in the future.

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Over to you…

Have you ever been to an aquarium?

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