Easy No Bake Cheesy Jacket Potato Recipe

29th September 2016
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Potatoes are a staple in many countries around the world. I like using potatoes when preparing meals. Potatoes can be cooked in various ways such as boiling, mashing, frying or baking. 

I will share my easy and delicious no bake jacket potatoes recipe with you in this post.  This recipe serves four people.

 jacket potato recipe


4 large baking potatoes

4 tablespoons butter

Grated cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper


1. Wash the potatoes, cut in half-length don’t peel them.

2. Place the potatoes in a pan full of boiling water and cook until the potatoes are soft but not too soft.

3. Drain the water and remove from the pan.

4. Add the butter on top of the potatoes

5. Add salt and pepper to your taste.

6. Place the potatoes under the grill for 2 minutes or until cheese is melted

7. Serve and enjoy with your favourite salad.

Over to you…

How do you cook your jacket potatoes?

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