Demon Dentist By David Walliams- Book Review

10th October 2016
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This is book review was written by my son Ethan. He is currently 10 years old and is still in primary school and loves reading books. The book that Ethan is reviewing is called

Demon Dentist By David Walliams

demon dentist

The Story Line Of This Novel

This novel tells a story about a a boy named Alfie who does not like going to the dentist and he has never been to the dentist .

Alfie lives with his dad. His dad is disabled so Alfie does all the housework at home including helping out his dad. He does stuff like laundry, dusting , dishing and he does shopping as well.

Alfie has a rotten teeth and he has kept every single appointment letters, hiding them on top the top of his closet. He does this so that his dad does not find out  that he has missed his dentist appointments.

In the town that Alfie lives, a new dentist arrives and her name is Mrs Root (the demon dentist).

Since Mrs Roof arrival weird stuff started to happen.

Children would put their tooth under the pillow hopping the tooth fairy would come but instead they would wake up to find slugs, spider and other weird things under their pillow.

Will Alfie visit Mrs Root to have his rotten looked at? Read more to find out.

What I Thought About This Novel

 I really enjoyed this book but I as a bit sad with the ending of the story in this book.

My favorite chapter is The Simple Case Of Toothache because Alfie had a bad tooth and it had to come out so the dentist pulled it out but got the wrong one out. LOL!

I also liked the made up words used by David Williams. They were really fun.

I recently read Gangster Granny by David Williams ( see my review of this book here) and I think Demon Dentist is just as as amazing. I really like David Williams books and he is one of my favorite judges Britain Got Talent.

This book also taught me to always go the the dentist to get my teeth cheeked out. (I bet my mother bought this book for me with a hidden agenda.)

I am currently reading the Boy In The Dress By David Williams once I am finished I will ask my mother if I can post my review of that book here.


I recommend this book to children who are confident at reading from 10 years and above. I think this book will be a good read to an adult who enjoy funny books.

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