December 2016 House Saving Update

1st January 2017
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I have enjoyed your company in 2016 sharing with you our journey of saving money to buy our first home has been a pleasure. As we start to welcome 2017 I hope to continue giving you these monthly updates.

House Buying
Here is what we have saved so far…

Count down 42 months left to reach the target.

Month £s Saved This Month Total Saved So Far Family Reward
Starting Savings

July 2016

August 2016

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016








£11 500

£12 105

£12 760

£13 415

£14 065

£14 670


Reviewing 2016

We started sharing our goal of saving money to buy our first home in June 2016. At the time we only had a total £11500 in savings.

We made a commitment to save at least £605 each month. And we succeeded. In 2016 each month we managed to set aside £605.

We even saved even more during other months. We are so grateful that our saving increased from £11500 to  £15275.

We give thanks to God for we have managed to save this much. We hope and pray that 2017 will be a great year of financial abundance and we will save even more money God willing.

Enough of 2016… let enter into 2017.

Family Reward

During our November update, we promise you that we will discuss as a family how we will reward ourselves for saving money.

As we explained last month, we like to reward ourselves each time we save at least £5000. So our rewards will come as we reach the following amounts £15 000, £20 000, £25 000 etc.

For our first family reward, we have decided to visit Sea Life Aquarium.

We think we will be able to enjoy the visit as a family. We are a family who enjoys wildlife life. Our kids love watching animal films.

We enjoy watching Sir David Attenborough series of Planet Earth 1 and 11.  During 2016 we enjoyed watching the much talked about Planet Earth 11 thrilling, chilling, gruesome scene of hatchling iguana and a pack of racer snakes.

We hope we will have a nice experience at the aquarium.

Over to you…

What are your savings goal for 2017?

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