Confessions Of A Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella – Novel Review

18th May 2017
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Here are is a novel review of…

Confessions Of A shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella


         Confessions Of A Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

About The Author

The author of Confessions of a shopaholic is Sophie Kinsella. She is English and this novel is part of her best-selling Shopaholic series.

Story Line Of The Novel

The novel tells a story about Becky Bloomwood she works as journalist advising people how to manage their money.

And yet Becky is an out of control shopaholic. She is full of big dreams and loves spending money that she hasn’t got.

She has a fabulous flat and a wardrobe full of all the trending must have fashion from big expensive brands.

She uses credit card and loans to shop. Everything she sees she wants.

She finds it hard to keep up with the payment on the credit cards and loans and it’s not long before the credit companies start to write to her asking her to keep up with her payments.

She tries to ignore the letters from the credit companies thinking that they will just stop writing to her.

She tries to cut back on her spending. She even tries to find other ways to make extra money by taking a Saturday customer service job but nothing seems to work.

Will Becky ever be able to manage her money better?

Read more.

What I Thought About This Novel

I thought this novel was easy to read and very interesting. A great page-turner.

The storyline is very believable as I personally know people like Becky who have bad spending habits.

Just like Becky, they are people out there who are choking with debt and still they find themselves swallowing more debt.

This novel has money lessons which anyone can learn from which are:

1. When in debt you should pay your debt

2. If you can’t pay your debt talk to your lenders and agree on a payment plan.

3. Avoid taking debt when you can, as debt makes you a slave to the credit company, and the credit company will be the master.

4. Use cash instead of credit cards.

5. Lies only provides a temporary fix to debts but before you know it, you will be caught.

This novel is such a great novel with a lot of humor. I liked the way the author included the letters from the credit companies requesting their money in the novel.

They made me laugh a lot whilst reading this novel

I can’t wait to read more of Sophie Kinsella novels.


I recommend this book anyone who wants to read about money or change the way they manage their money. There are good money lessons in this novel to be learned.

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