6 Ways To Motivate Children To Play Outdoors

Nowadays, you rarely see children playing outdoor games. Most kids are more excited by consoles and tablets than games like hide-and-seek and hopscotch. But in this world of gadgets, it’s important to encourage kids to play outdoors. This is because outdoor play can give kids a variety of remarkable benefits which include: Making kids more… Read More »

4 Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Teaching children about money is very important. Most people reach their adulthood without any financial knowledge. You can’t really blame them no one taught them about money when they were in school.   Some parent they don’t know how to teach their children about money and again you can’t blame the parents as their parent… Read More »

How To Organize Your Car For A Road Trip

With winter right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. And what’s better than prepping your shiny SUV, packing up your bags and getting ready for a fun-filled vacation. Once everything is in place, such hotel bookings and itinerary you appear prepared to head out, but… Read More »

Fun Activity Ideas For Family During Winter Holiday

The winter holiday comes with a lot of opportunities. Families can take advantage of this holiday to spend some quality time together. This break comes with decorations, celebrations and lots of chances for holiday merriment. But when Christmas is over but the break isn’t, then what do you do? When the festivities are over and… Read More »

5 Low Cost Ways to Have Fun With Your Grandkids

No one can argue that children can be expensive. If you’ve got little ones of your own or a tribe of grandchildren, you’ll know that things can add up when it comes to gifts, clothes, entertainment, and more. However, there are things you can do that are not only fun but will help you create… Read More »

7 Best Places To Buy Or Sell Used Kids Clothing

Buying kids clothing can be expensive especially if you are buying branded clothes. Many parents are always looking for places where they can buy used kids clothing for a reasonable price. They are also looking for places where they can sell their used kids clothing which they have outgrown. Kids outgrow their clothing very fast… Read More »

20 Time Management Tips For Busy Parents

I think you will agree with me that it’s a constant struggle to manage time when you are a parent with young children. Keeping up appointments, school run, meal planning and managing all the house making chores are some of the daily tasks that each parents has to keep up, on top of their job.… Read More »

How To Buy School Uniform On A Tight Budget

The average cost of school uniform for a child at secondary school is £316, for a child at primary school, it’s £251 according to Independent UK. The cost of school uniform can be expensive for parents especially those with children starting primary or secondary school. Here are some tips for buying school uniform on a… Read More »

Family Day Out At Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

Do you enjoy family days out? A few weeks ago we visited Wollaton Hall and Deer Park which is located in Nottingham. Wollaton Hall building was built in 1588. It’s run by Nottingham City Council but it used to be owned by a family. It’s famous for screening some scenes in Batman: The Dark Knight… Read More »

5 Tips To Find Useful Tutors For Your Child’s Education

If you discovered that your child has some skills, or has difficulty understanding on any subject, then for sure you’d to want to help him. But you do not have the time –or the patience –to guide him. Then, finding the right tutor can be the best solution. With a helpful tutor, you can enhance… Read More »