14 Classic Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Your gut instinct is always right. If you suspect your partner is cheating then a few telltale signs will reveal that they are cheating. A private investigator could help but a bit of snooping and observation would save you a bob or two. Cheating deprives the other partner conjugal rights, emotional support and may result… Read More »

5 Awful Relationship Habits That You Need To Avoid

The demise of the relationship usually does not happen at an overnight pace. Usually, it is a series of hurtful events coming from bad relationship habits causing the two parties to break away and finally give up making the relationship better. One of the most common reasons for ending a relationship is when we perceive… Read More »

How Adultery Will Destroy Your Life And Marriage

When someone decides to commit adultery they think that they are not going to be caught. But in many cases they are caught and when that happens it destroys life. Adultery is the worst thing that can ruin a marriage. Here is how adultery can destroy your life and marriage. 1. Loss Of Trust Once… Read More »

10 Terrible Money Mistakes Married Couples Make

Money is the leading cause of many marriage break ups. It’s important to talk about money before marriage and during marriage. Many people who are married make many money mistakes as they fail to they manage their finances right from the beginning of their marriage. I remember my first years of marriage we managed our… Read More »

8 Awesome Things A Good Husband Does

What is a good husband like? It starts with two people in love, each of them is blinded and seeing only the good things about the others. Then they decide to get married to become husband and wife. Everything changes they can now see better of the other person’s character. Does marriage change a person’s… Read More »

6 Reasons Why People Rush Into Marriage

These days people get married for the wrong reasons. You hear stories of people getting married today and tomorrow they are filing for divorce. Why are so many marriages failing to honour “till death do up apart”? Take for example the marriage of Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, it only lasted only 55 hours? Honestly… Read More »

5 Simple Money Question You Must Ask Your Fiancée Before Marriage

Do you know your fiancée very well? When you are choosing someone to get married to you have to know that person very well financially. Rushing to marry someone you don’t know might fire back to you. Do a research on your fiancée financial background. Knowing this information will help you make the right decision… Read More »