10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Towels Soft And Fluffy

Everyone loves softness and fluffiness of a new towels, especially after a hot bath or shower. Unfortunately after long use and bad towel care that softness and fluffiness will no longer be felt. It important to know how to care for your towels so that they don’t become rough after long use. Here are some… Read More »

How To Easily Remove Oil Stains From Clothing

Staining your best item of clothing with oil can be disappointing. But don’t worry that oil can be removed easily.   I recently went to a party and somehow my youngest daughter some how managed to stained her lovely cream dress with oil from the party food. I decided to try removing the oil stain… Read More »

6 Great Tips To Reduce Your Ironing To Almost Zero

Ironing is one of the most dreaded housework in most households across the county. Do you love or hate ironing as a chore? If you hate ironing you are not alone especially if you have young kids in the family who may need to change clothes often and this means more clothes to iron. I… Read More »