5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Keys

Has this ever happen to you? You are late going for work. Soon after you finished getting ready you start searching for your car keys only to realise they are nowhere to be seen. You search everywhere you can think of, on the sofa,  under the sofa, on top of kitchen surfaces and in your… Read More »

8 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

As life in an apartment, small house, or even a condo becomes more mainstream further into adulthood, many people are finding unique and resourceful ways of giving the illusion of a bigger kitchen. It’s all about the storage and space management! Even small spaces can be used to the best of their ability to give… Read More »

Double Cereal Dispenser Half Price Only £12.49

  This cereal dispenser is great for organising your dry foods neatly. It keeps your food fresh prevents food from going stale. It dispenses controlled portion. This is a great addition to your kitchen and your kids will love using it. You can get these cereal dispenser here for only £12.49 You Might Also Like… Read More »

5 Clever Ways To Organise Your Spices

I love cooking food with different spices from curry, dried herbs to pepper, you will find them all on my  spice organiser. When cooking your food you want to find spices easily to save time. It’s important to make sure your spices are organized well.  Spices need to be at a place where you can… Read More »

How To Make DIY All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

Cleaning your kitchen doesn’t have to cost too much money. You can make your own you DIY purpose kitchen cleaner with natural products. No need to expose your health to harsh chemicals found in some of the commercially sold cleaners. These harsh chemicals can slowly damage your health some of them even cause irritation on… Read More »