6 Reasons Why You Need To Shop With A Grocery List

Dreading your next grocery shopping? Without a grocery shopping list you will find yourself wondering up and down the aisles of the supermarket. Finding it difficult to to pick your grocery items as you are not even sure what to buy. Here is why you need a grocery list on your next visit to the… Read More »

5 Green Ways To Save Fuel And Improve Your Healthy.

Do you own a car? The cost of owning car is always on the rise, from car insurance to fuel. We are all aware of the harmful exhaust emissions that cars emit to our environment including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Cars cost a lot to maintain and they pose dangerous… Read More »

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Planning Meals

“What’s for dinner ” is a common question in many homes particularly when its around that time of eating your main meal. During this time if you don’t have a meal plan even the kids will be stressed out asking the same question what’s for dinner. Meal planning should be a top priority in organizing… Read More »

6 Eco-Friendly Home Repairs

At some point in their lives, most homeowners will have to go through either a time of home renovation or home repairs, especially if they have been living in their home for decades. Many people think that eco-friendly home repairs are too expensive or too inaccessible, but eco-friendly home repairs are becoming increasingly common and… Read More »

How Much Money Would You Save By Quitting Smoking Today.

According to National Statistics nearly 19% of adults in United Kingdom smoke cigarettes. This could sound alarming but this is actually a big shift considering that at one point in 1974 about 46% of adults in United Kingdom smoked cigarettes. Smoking is cigarettes can silently burn a hole in your pockets as it is expensive.… Read More »

5 Tips for Going Green In Your Home

Saving energy and going green is a phrase that should get every homeowner’s ears to perk up. Why? Because it saves money. Plus, going green and being more energy efficient is better for everyone sharing this planet. Sometimes however, it can be hard to implement eco-friendly tricks into our homes. So we have outlined some… Read More »

4 Tips To Save Money When Visiting An Aquarium

Visiting an aquarium is a great way to connect with nature and explore sea-life creature. We recently visited Birmingham sea life aquarium and I shared our experience here. In this article I will be sharing tips for saving money when visiting an aquarium.  1. Entry Tickets  Save money on your entry tickets by using 2… Read More »

52 Week Savings Challenge Free Printable

I recently shared 1 penny savings challenge with you and most of you liked the idea. In this article I will be sharing with you the 52 Week Saving Challenge. The 52 week savings challenge can help you save about £1378 in a year. The idea behind it is that you save weekly starting with… Read More »

One Penny Saving Challenge Free Printable

People save money to achieve different savings goals. If you are plan to save around £667.95 in a year why not try the One Penny Money saving Challenge. Start saving only 1p the first day of the year, 2p the second day, 3p the third and continue increasing 1p to the amount you save every… Read More »