3 Ways To Get Out Of Debt Fast

Between student loans and a couple maxed out credit cards, you’re suddenly drowning in debt. How did you get here? How do you get out? It’s easy for people to look at the debt they’ve accumulated and feel defeated. They think there’s no way out, and they just accept a life full of bad credit… Read More »

Debt, Can We Live Without It?

By definition debt is when one party borrows money from another party and promises to pay at a later agreed date with interest added on. Debt allows for the borrower to use the money to buy things that they would not have been able to afford but debt can be recovered through common law action.… Read More »

3 Reasons I Chose To Stay Out Of Debt

A small purchase on the credit card won’t hurt, will it? That’s how it all starts. Debt can accumulate faster than you think, buying those so-called “small purchase”. The next thing you will see yourself in thousand of £s of debt. Taking debt means you are simply spending money that you don’t have and you… Read More »