One Easiest Way To Manage Your Money

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What Is A Budget And Why You Need To Budget

Budgeting is an allocation of your income and expenditure. It helps you to analyses how you are spending your hard earned cash and helps you to manage your money.  A budget helps you to plan and control your finances easily. Budgeting will keep you organized and will help you to achieve your financial goals. If… Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Need An Emergency Fund

Emergency fund is money you set aside each month from your budget to pay unexpected expenses. Unexpected things happen in life and you need to prepare for them before they happen. Having an amount you set aside for emergency will prevent take unnecessary debt How Much Emergency Fund Do You Need? Starting with one month… Read More »

3 Reasons I Chose To Stay Out Of Debt

A small purchase on the credit card won’t hurt, will it? That’s how it all starts. Debt can accumulate faster than you think, buying those so-called “small purchase”. The next thing you will see yourself owing thousand of £s to lending companies and banks. Taking debt means you are simply spending money that you don’t… Read More »