3 Reasons Why You Need To Budget For Miscellaneous Spending

Does your monthly household budget include miscellaneous spending money? If you are not budgeting for miscellaneous spending then at the end of each month you are most likely to ask yourself the question “where did all the money go?” Miscellaneous spending is one category in the budget that can take a big chunk of money… Read More »

25 Common Things You Are Forgetting In Your Budget

Where did all the money go to? Is a common question to most people especially at the end of the month just before payday. If you are like me and you like to each month then you know that it’s easy to forget I some items when you actually do your montly budget. Only to… Read More »

One Easiest Way To Manage Your Money

One easiest way to manage your money is to track your money with a budget book planner… You Might Also Like Why You Need A Budget How to live within your means 3 Ways To Track Your Spending 16 Ways To Reduce Your Expenses 3 Great Apps For Budgeting         Save

What Is A Budget And Why You Need To Budget

Budgeting is an allocation of your income and expenditure. It helps you to analyses how you are spending your hard earned cash and helps you to manage your money.  A budget helps you to plan and control your finances easily. will keep you organized and will help you to achieve your financial goals. If you… Read More »