How To Freeze Peas From Your Garden

Pea is a delicious versatile vegetable that can easily add the sweetness to any meal. You can store peas for longer using different methods such as freezing or canning. I find freezing the easiest way to store peas, during the summer months I always freeze peas from my vegetable gardern to use later duing the… Read More »

How To Freeze Fresh Picked Strawberries

After harvesting plenty of strawberries from our allotment we had fun eating them with cream but still, I found myself with ripe strawberries which no one in my family wanted to eat because they had eaten a lot of them. So I decided to freeze some so that I could use them in smoothies and… Read More »

How To Freeze Onions From Your Garden

I love using onions in my meals especially in stews, soups, and in salads. Onion is a versatile vegetable and be used in many recipes. This year I decided to grow some onions in my garden and I am already harvesting, some of the onions. Because they are so many I have decided to freeze… Read More »

Sauteed Purple Kale Parsley And Carrot Recipe

My family and I enjoy eating kale a lot and we make sure that every year we have a good supply of it in our garden. We often put kale in our raw salads and use these homemade salad dressings which we make from scratch. We also like to cook our kale from time to… Read More »

How To Make Garlic Paste For Storing In The Freezer

Most people don’t like the smell of garlic and yet it has many vitamins that our bodies need. I love cooking with garlic as it make food taste great. Since I use it almost every day in my cooking I find it time-consuming to peel and cut the garlic each time I am cooking food.… Read More »

Banana And Almonds Cake Recipe

I love baking cakes and this banana and almonds cake is one of my family favourites. It tastes so great such that it will leave you wanting more. Here is the recipe for Banana And Almonds Cake Ingredients 100g Butter 130 Caster Sugar 2 Eggs 2 Ripe Banana Mashed 220g Self Raising Floor 2 tbs… Read More »

How To Make Mint Tea – Healthy Benefits Of Mint Tea

Mint tea is not only easy to make but it has so many healthy benefits. We like to grow mint in our herb garden and it saves us a lot of money. Mint is easy to grow and will survive year round. We mostly  use mint when cooking food and making mint tea. Here are… Read More »

Blackberry Crumble Recipe

Blackberries can be used to make, fruit salad, pudding, smoothie and jam they are so versatile. Their sweet and sour taste makes them perfect for making a mouth watering blackberry crumble. You can use either fresh or frozen blackberry crumble in this recipe I used blackberries which I picked for free with my family. Blackberry… Read More »

Freezer Friendly Blackberry Jam Recipe

Blackberry jam is delicious and easy to make. It can be easily be spread on bread for a lunch pack or for breakfast. I like to make blackberry jam enough to eat for months. Homemade blackberry jam can be kept up to one year in the freezer or 3 weeks in the fridge. Freezer Friendly… Read More »

Pasta Cooking: How to Get Ready for Your First Try

I have always loved cooking pasta because it is quick and straightforward. Because of these, it has also become my ultimate comfort food. I am sure many share same feelings as I do. After all, it is a favorite Italian cuisine and for good reasons. One could never get enough of pasta, as there are… Read More »