Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 2

This article is a follow up to this article where I am sharing the life of a baby bird that fell and landed in to our garden from its nest. Day 2 We are all excited about Lucky (baby bird) and everyone in our house can’t resist checking on it a few times. We are… Read More »

Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 1

Last Friday we visited our relatives down south in Portsmouth we had a great time there, we went with the kids. We returned back on Tuesday afternoon. On arrival, we noticed a lonely bird in our back garden seating on the fence we think it is a wood pigeon. We first thought it was looking… Read More »

5 Healthy Benefits For Growing Your Own Organic Garden

Do you grow any vegetable or fruits in your garden? Besides just saving money there are also many health benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables. Here are 5 healthy benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetable. 1. Healthy Eating Growing your own fruits and vegetable will help you to eat healthily.  Fruits… Read More »

7 Reasons To Grow Your Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Buying organic fruits and vegetables in supermarkets is quite expensive than buying non-organic. Organic fruits and vegetables cost at least 2 times more than non-organic. So, what can you do if you can’t afford to buy organic fruits and vegetables? Have you ever thought of growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden? They… Read More »

Fruits and Vegetable I am Growing In My Garden

I love growing my own organic fruit and vegetable. I started growing my own fruit and vegetable only about 3 years ago, everyone in my family joins in even the kids really enjoys it. Our kids tend to explore more in the garden finding worms, slugs and butterflies and lady birds. We don’t have a… Read More »