6 Ways To Cover Your Vegetable Garden Pathways

Do you have pathways in your vegetable garden? Pathways provide a great way for you to move around your garden. They don’t have to take a lot of space but they need to be wide enough so that you can walk between your vegetable beds with ease. Pathways need to be clear of weeds as… Read More »

5 Benefits Of No Dig Vegetable Garden

Do you dig your vegetable garden or not? When I started growing vegetable in our home garden I didn’t know anything about gardening. I had to invest into a few gardening books and borrow some books from the library. I also watched some gardening TV shows such as Gardener’s World By Monty Don which helped… Read More »

Why You Should Crop Rotate Your Vegetables In Your Garden

Do you rotate crops in your home vegetable garden or your allotment? Rotating your crops in your home vegetable garden each year has many benefits. Crop rotation is something that I enjoy doing since I started gardening as a hobby a few years ago and I can say that it has really benefited my garden… Read More »

Growing Your Own Food In A Small Space

I grew up in a home where we grew what we ate. We were lucky to have a big garden to grow all the vegetables we needed. When I had my own family, I was wondering, is it possible to be growing your own food in a small space? With a lot of research and… Read More »

A Guide On How To Grow Artichokes In Pots

Did you know that artichokes are edible vegetables? The edible part of this plant is the flower. It consists of different parts, thick stem which features elongated leaves that are green-greyish in colour and a flower bud. If you do not have a gardern you can still sucessfully grow aritichokes in pots or containers. The… Read More »

5 Perennial Herbs To Grow All Year Around

Many people use herbs when cooking food. Herbs make food taste good. Anyone can easily grow herbs whether you have a big garden or small garden. We have been growing perennial herbs for the past 2 years in our garden in containers and we really enjoy the different flavours and smells from the herbs. Our… Read More »

Fruits and Vegetable I am Growing In My Garden 2017

Do you like growing your own vegetables and fruits? I enjoy growing my own vegetables and vegetables. I try to grow fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow and care for. Last year I shared what I was growing in my garden and I got many positive responses from you. This year I am… Read More »

How To Lay Bark Between Vegetable Beds

Weeds, weed killer are all familiar words to you if you are a keen gardener like me. Because we all know too well how weeds and easily out grow your vegetables and you end up with no harvest at all. In my garden, I have vegetable beds which I made using the leftover wood laminate… Read More »

Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 2

This article is a follow up to this article where I am sharing the life of a baby bird that fell and landed in to our garden from its nest. Day 2 We are all excited about Lucky (baby bird) and everyone in our house can’t resist checking on it a few times. We are… Read More »

Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 1

Last Friday we visited our relatives down south in Portsmouth we had a great time there, we went with the kids. We returned back on Tuesday afternoon. On arrival, we noticed a lonely bird in our back garden seating on the fence we think it is a wood pigeon. We first thought it was looking… Read More »