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Understanding Medical Malpractice – What Can You Do About It

Have you been harmed or injured by a health professional and wondered if there is anything you can do legally? Depending on the circumstance, what your doctor did may be considered medical malpractice. Basically, medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional or healthcare provider fails to provide appropriate treatment, neglects appropriate action, or imparts substandard… Read More »

The Quick Guide To Slip And Fall Recovery

Have you slipped and fallen and acquired injuries at one point or another? “Slip and fall” accidents are serious matters. In fact, they are the foremost cause of visits in the emergency room and leading cause of a worker’s compensation claims. If you are suffering a slip and fall injury, a recovery is crucial to… Read More »

3 Benefits Of Wearing An Ankle Brace While Playing Sports

Simple preventative measures can go a long way in protecting your body against injury, especially ankle injuries like a sprain or fracture. Due to the rigorous “start and stop” nature of sports such as basketball, soccer, and baseball, ankle braces are a helpful accessory to wear during practice to keep your ankles secure and protected.… Read More »

Common Conditions That Lead To Mobility Problems In Elderly

Aging comes with various health concerns associated with mobility. Muscle pains and joint problems can lead to difficulties in walking, getting up from the chair or bed, or climbing the stairs. A senior suffering from mobility-related illnesses can experience more pain and difficulty doing simple tasks as well. The most common conditions that lead to… Read More »

8 Tips To Reduce Food Waste And Save Money

Every year we throw away food worth £13 billion just here in the UK. How can we have money in our pockets when we are buying food and throwing it away in the bin? We are simply throwing money in the bin. We can’t deny the fact that we are a throwaway society.   What… Read More »

Best Exercises For Stronger Shoulders

Physical fitness has become a global movement in recent years that not only aims to encourage people to be fit and confident, but also to boost their self-esteem and decrease their risk of developing lifestyle diseases and injuries. Statistics show that 7.5 million people consulted a doctor in 2006 because of shoulder problems including shoulder… Read More »

4 Tips For Healthy And Strong Joints

Your body is made of many different bones and your joints are what connect these bones to one another. Certain joints help you to be able to do things like bend your knees, your elbows, turn your head, bend your back, and wiggle your fingers, just to mention a few. Inside of your joints you… Read More »

Top 12 Terrible Driving Distractions That Will Kill You

Every year there are thousands of people killed in road accidents in the United Kingdom alone. Across the world, there are millions of people killed in traffic accidents year after year. Most of the accidents are caused by distractions to the driver. Here are 12 driving distractions that cause fatal road accidents. 1. Mobile Phone… Read More »