How To Manage Debt Wisely

In the UK in 2017 personal or consumer debts are accumulating at 27% of income. The average total debt is nearly £13000 per household with the whole of the UK owing £349bn in unsecured debt.The biggest drivers for lending are cars and credit cards. There is a new worrying trend of people using credit cards… Read More »

How To Develop Your Music Skills On A Budget

Playing an instrument can increase memory, improve reading comprehension abilities and math skills, as well as lift your mood, and help you relax. But lessons can often be expensive. When you are tight on money but still want to learn how to play an instrument, know that it is possible to learn without paying for… Read More »

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful

Are you thankful for today? Its easy to take life for granted forgetting to see how blessed you are. Here Is Why You Should Be Thankful. 1.When you woke up and open your eyes every morning, someone in the world would have died in their sleep. 2. When you sit down to have a cup… Read More »

7 Best Things To Do During Earth Hour

Do you know what Earth Hour is all about? Earth hour is an event organised by World Wide Fund for Nature. It all about turning your lights for one hour between 8:30pm and 9:30 on the last week of every march . This event takes place worldwide. It can be done at home, work or… Read More »

Dangers Of Zoning Out While Driving

We have all been driving a stretch of road, when we realize that we don’t remember the past few miles or so. Sometimes you can make it all the way home from work or school without really remembering the drive. Zoning out while driving is a part of human nature. But when is it more… Read More »