Calling Mrs Christmas By Carole Matthews – Novel Review

13th December 2016
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Here is a book review of

Calling Mrs Christmas By Carol Matthews

Calling Mrs Christmas By Carole Matthews

About The Author

The author of Calling Mrs Christmas is Carole Mathews. She is a British author and is well known for her romantic and funny writing style which she uses in her novels.

She wrote her first novel Let’s Meet on Platform 8 in 1997 and has never stopped writing novels. She has also written other novels such as

More To Life Than This

With Love at Christmas

Story Line Of The Novel

The novel start of with Cassie Smith feeling sorry for herself. She is out of work lost her job a few months ago. She worked as a secretary and has been on a job hunt since she lost her job but she has not been lucky.

Cassie is in a relationship with Jim who is a prison officer. They have been struggling financially since Cassie lost her job. They have relied on credit cards and overdrafts to keep up their everyday life.

It’s Christmas season and Cassie decides to start a business as a Christmas planner. Doing simple things some as wrapping presents, writing Christmas cards, decorating Christmas trees and organising Christmas parties.

Cassie’s’ business takes off well and she is hired by Carter Randall who is a millionaire who wants a very special Christmas for his two children.

Cassie organises a holiday in Lapland for Carter and his children. She also plans to decorate their house for Christmas in a magical way as Carter’s Christmas budget has not limits.

Cassie is surprised when Carter asks her to go with them to Lapland. She knows she should not go but she knows that this holiday is a life time holiday.

What about Jim Cassie’s partner how will he respond to this?

Read more to find out how the story ends.

What I Thought About This Novel

This novel is defiantly a page-turner. The storyline is easy to follow and it not easy to predict what will happen next this is what I liked most in this novel.

This book will definitely get you in the mood for Christmas a must read during Christmas time.

I also like the characters that the author used in this novel she made them alive by telling a real story which relates to normal people.

This novel also teaches a lesson on togetherness during Christmas time and how important family and friends are during this time of the year.

I liked Jim as a character he has been through a lot in his life and yet is very kind, patient and forgiving.

This is my first read for a novel written by Carole Matthews and yet it has left me yearning to read more novels from her. I am definitely looking forward to reading some of her novels.

This novel will make you realise how blessed you are to have people you call family or friends as there are other people out there who are not so privileged.

This novel is very easy to read. The novel cover is so beautiful it is the one that drew me into picking up this novel and wanting to read it.


I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes to read a novel with a Christmas theme idea. It can also be bought a special Christmas gift for someone who likes to read books.

Over to you…

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