Banana And Cherry Tomatoes Salad Recipe

11th September 2017
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Banana and tomato salad

Here is one of our family favourite salad. Easy to make and is very delicious. This salad can be served on it’s own or as a side dish along the main meal.

It works well with dishes such as rice and pasta. The sweetness from the tomatoes and bananas make it taste great.

The cherry tomatoes we used to make this salad were from our vegetable garden.

Banana And Cherry Tomatoes Salad Recipe

Serves 4


*5 Bananas

*2 Handful Cherry tomatoes

*3 Spring Onions

*1 Teaspoon mayonnaise

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice


1. Cut bananas  across into small circles and then put them in serving bowl

2. Slice the green leaves of the spring onions mix with the bananas together with the mayonnaise and lemon.

3. Scatter the cherry tomatoes on top.

Ready to serve.

Quick Tip:

This salad should be made right before serving to minimise banana oxidation.

Over to you…

Do you like bananas?

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