Against all Odds – The Baby Bird Survived Update 2

31st August 2016
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This article is a follow up to this article where I am sharing the life of a baby bird that fell and landed in to our garden from its nest.

Bird feeding

Day 2

We are all excited about Lucky (baby bird) and everyone in our house can’t resist checking on it a few times.

We are worried as we haven’t seen (mother of bird) Suzi this morning. Has the mother abandoned its baby we ask ourselves?

The baby bird keeps poking it mouth at us as soon it sees us near it. We are beginning to think that maybe it’s hungry or its thinking that we are its enemies.

None of us knows much about birds so we are relying on searching for useful information on the internet. We are just contemplating what we should do and we decide to wait a little bit to see if the mother will come.

Finally, we saw the mother standing on the fence all of us where hoping that it had come to feed its baby. And our guesses were right.

After a while, we saw her flying to her baby and feeding her. We were all revelled to see the baby being feed.

(See photo above, not a very good shot as I am using my mobile phone camera to take photos  I need to invest in a decent camera.)

After feeding its baby the bird decided to hang around in our garden and she flew to its usual spot on our fence then flew away, we assumed it went to look for more food for the baby.

Here Comes The Cat

We decide to barricade our back garden gate with our waste bins just to stop the cat coming to our garden.

We know that if the cats saw the baby bird, the baby bird will not survive any long. The cat will definitely enjoy its easy hunt.

So we are always keeping an eye on the cat and taking extreme measures of barricading our gate just to make sure the baby bird can survive and eventually fly away.

Although we know that barricading our gate with waste bins won’t totally stop the cat entering our garden we just took the measure to hide the bird.

We now that cats are clever they will always find other ways to enter our garden by jumping on to the fence.

We saw the usual cat walking in our garden going to its usual place where it does its business (our neighbour’s garden).

Our hearts suddenly felt racing as we were worried about the baby bird.

We decided to open our kitchen door to scare aware the cat and the cat run out of our garden we checked the baby bird and it was sitting quietly in its makeshift nest (potato bag).

That was one lucky escape for Lucky (the baby bird).

We Decide To Buy Birds Seeds

Because the mother of the bird is always out and about looking for food for itself and the baby.

We decided to bring the food to the mother so that it can find food near by and not go away for long stretches of time searching for food.


We bought some bird seeds for the mother bird to eat and feed the baby and it worked.

The mother bird is now staying much longer than before in our garden eating and looking after its baby too.

Success finally. Hooray!

That’s it for this update keep tuned in for more updates.

Update 16.03.2017 the baby bird finally left its nest forgot to give you an update.

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