A Mother’s Love By Santa Montefiore – Novel Review

15th February 2018
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Here is a book review of

Story Line Of The Novel

The novel tells a story of Robert and Celeste who are married.

They lost their 8-year-old son, Jack, to leukaemia and are finding it difficult to move on especially Celeste.  

Over sixteen months have passed since the death of her son but Celeste is still morning and has stopped doing what she used to like to do.

Before her son passed away Celeste used to own a successful business making embroidered quilts, bed linen.

 Robert’s sister, Georgia, has come back from Australia to live in England and she needs needs someone to look after her son Bruno for 5 days whilst she is away.

Bruno is 8 years exactly the same as Jack was when he passed away.

Celeste cannot even imagine looking after Bruno fearing that he would remind him of Jack.

Bruno finally arrives Celeste’s first instinct is to reject him but Bruno is full of energy and is fun.

How will Celeste cope with living with another Child in the house?

Will she ever move on with her life?

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What I Thought About This Novel

l really enjoyed this novel the storyline is very touching.

The author uses a great writing style and describes scenes in a simple way but vividly.

The characters were real and believable.

Although the novel is only 110 pages its’ simplicity makes it difficult to put it down, I finished this book within 2 days.

I am looking forward to reading more books by the author.


I would recommend reading this book to anyone who likes to read short novels it’s only 110 pages long.

Over to you…

Which books are you reading?

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