99 Tips To Save Money On Food And Grocery

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As food costs continue to increase finding ways to reduce your grocery bill is a great way to save money.

When grocery shopping its easy to get carried away and fill the shopping trolly with items that you do not really need or things you already have in the house.

Changing your game plan when grocery shopping is very important.

Learn to shop smarter when it comes to groceries, avoid wasting food and save money.

Here are 99 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Groceries

Ways To Save Money Before Going To The Supermarkets 

1. Set a grocery-shopping budget and stick to it.

2. Plan your meals a meal planner for the week.

3. Look for offers, and sales adverts then plan your grocery shopping around these discounts.

4. Check your pantry, fridge, freezer and cupboards before going shopping.

5. Write down your grocery shopping list.

6. Avoid going grocery shopping more than once a week.

7. Carry reusable shopping bags when going for grocery shopping to avoid buying bags every time you do your shopping.

8. Pay for your grocery using cash instead of using a credit card to avoid overspending.

7. Look for free vouchers and coupons before going for grocery shopping.

10. Eat a good meal before going shopping to avoid buying things out of hunger.

11. Knowing your supermarket layout you will shop faster and save money.

12. Take a calculator to the supermarket this will help you to run a tally and not to go over the budget as you do your grocery shopping.

13. Buy non–food grocery items like cleaning sprays or black bins at cheaper stores e.g Wilko and Poundshop.

14. Keeping a running shopping list somewhere in the kitchen with easy access to jot down things you are running low on to avoid extra trips to the shops.

15. If you buy a food item that is not good or gone bad quickly don’t be ashamed to ask for a refund.

Ways To Save Money At The Supermarket.

save money grocery shopping

16. Only buy things in bulk that you use on regular basis.

17. Understand unit prices of items for example when buying meat look how much it costs per kg rather than just looking at the packet price.

18. Buy supermarket own store brands they are cheaper and some of them are of good quality.

19. Know the appropriate time to go for grocery shopping, avoid busy times like Saturday mornings between 10 am and 12 noon when grocery shops are full of people just like Christmas Eve.

20. Don’t pay more for extra and fancy packaging for example instead of buying a cook in a bag whole chicken just buy whole chicken without the cook in a bag it’s less expensive. You just need to know the rules of handling raw chicken.

21. Shop at different supermarkets to take advantages of low prices.

22. Shop at the reduction section.

23. Buy fruits and vegetables in season they are cheaper.

24. Don’t buy bottled water use tap water.

25. Join store royalty cards schemes that are offered by most supermarkets.

26. Buy potatoes bagged instead of loose items. Buy potatoes bagged instead of loose items.

27. Shop less at the big 4 supermarkets and shop more at discount supermarkets as they tend to bbe inexpensive

28. Buy bagged fruit than loose ones.

29. Buy in bulk when your favourite brands are on offer or on sale and try food wholesalers.

30. Learn to look high and low on supermarket shelves to find cheaper items.

31. Breastfeed your children instead of using formula milk.

32. Buy frozen fruit and vegetable instead of fresh as they are usually cheaper.

33.  Avoid buying tempting items at the till while in the queueing at the checkout.

34. When shopping online arrange products from low to high this makes it easier to find less expensive items.

35. Have the flexibility to by not only always buying organic produce and meats.

36. Avoid buying ready-made washed salads.

37. Beware of supermarket offers which are of no value to you. Some of the offers will entice you to buy food that you will throw in the bin just after two days of purchase.

Ways To Save Money On Meat

save money on meat

38. Bulk up your meals with vegetables and use less meat.

38. Go vegetarian try out different vegetarian meals to save money on meat.

39. Buy meat with bones and skin and remove bones on your own if you like boneless meet.

40. Avoid buying pre-marinated meat.

41. Buy cheaper cuts of meats for example liver and kidney.

42. Use eggs as meat in meals.

43. Buy meat from the reduced section and freeze it.

44. Buy meat in bulk as it tends to be cheaper that way.

45. Stock up on meat during holiday time, for example, buy fish soon after Easter and turkey soon after Christmas.

46. Have at least two meat-free days in a week this will reduce the amount of meat you will eat.

47. Serve the correct portion of meat in your plate equivalent to the palm of your hand and not more than that.

48. Rear chickens for meat and eggs.

49. Eat less meat as it can be expensive swap meat for vegetables for example beans and lentils.

Ways To Save On Food In Your House.

food glass containers

50. Drink water instead of juices.

51. Eat less sugar its good for your health and your wallet.

52. Know how to store your fruits and vegetable so that they last longer.Eat well for less

53. Use leftover meat to make sandwiches.

54.  Drink less milk instead drink more water, buy powdered milk instead of fresh milk.

55. Learn to cook buy cooking books with easy to make meals and watch tv cooking shows such as Eat Well For Less to get inspiration and food saving tips.

56. Buy a good quality freezer friendly food containers and freeze any leftovers food.

57. Use any leftovers, don’t throw food away.

58. If you have excess fresh fruits and vegetable don’t let it sit on the kitchen counter and rot. Freeze it and use it later.

59. Reuse tea bags and coffee grounds.

Save Money By Growing Your Own Food.

save money when eating out

60. Grow your own salad leaves.

61. Grow your own herbs.

62. Grow your own vegetables.

63. Grow your own fruits.

Save Money By Making Your Own Food.

64. Make your own packed lunches.

65. Use bones to make chicken stock.

66. Make your own ice cream.

67. Buy a juicer and make your own juice.

68. Make your own salads by mix and matching

69. Make your own baby food.

70. Make your own snacks for example, popcorn and granola.

71. Make your own coffee for taking to work instead of buying from expensive coffee shops.

72. Make your own jam.

73. Make your own cleaning products.

74. Make your own pizza instead of going out.

75. Make your own snack.

76. Make your own salad dressing.

77. Make your own seasonings.

78. Make your own cakes.

79. Make your own bread.

80. Make your own soup.

81. Make you own smoothes.

82. Breastfeed your baby instead of buying formula milk.

83. Make your own homemade spices.

84. Make easy meals with less cooking time and less ingredients for example, 30 minutes meals and one post dishes.

85. Make your own sauces.

Ways To Save On Food When Eating Out

save money when eating out


86. Take advantages of student discount offers.

87. Eat less food whilst eating out.

88. Skip the appetiser.

89. Skip the dessert.

90. Go with your own drink instead of buying a drink at the restaurant.

91. Use voucher and discounts to save money.

92. Sign up for restaurant newsletters as you will be able to see good offers.

93. Give tips that are reasonable.

94. When eating out share drinks on bottomless restaurants and take away your leftovers at the restaurant for eating later.

95. Avoid buying prepacked cereals.

96. Always try to pay with cash.

97. Limit your eating out days.

98. Take advantages of restaurants that let kids eat free.

99. Sign up for free events with free food for examples carnivals, fun family days out.

Over to you?

Can you think of tip number 100 for saving money on food and grocery?

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