9 Supermarket Own Brand Items I Will Never Buy Again.

26th July 2016
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Supermarkets offer different range of brands for food from own brands to premium brands. Own brands cost for much less than, premiums brands.

In most instances, a food grocery trolley full of premium brands cost three or four times than a food trolley full of the own brands items.

I like to save money on groceries, therefore, I have been trying out some of the supermarkets own brands whilst doing my weekly groceries.

During this time I found some supermarket own brands items I liked and will definitely include them in my weekly shopping.

However, I also found some supermarket own brand items I didn’t like and will never buy them again.

Here are supermarkets own brand grocery items I disliked.


Own store brands


1. Tinned Peas

Peas is a staple on my weekly grocery list. Although I usually buy frozen peas as they work out cheaper than tinned peas.

I also like to keep one can of tinned peas tin in my food cupboard for those “extra” lazy days.

When I bought supermarket own brand tinned peas, on opening them the colour of the peas was that of overcooked vegetables which I did not like.

The taste was bitter even the kids mentioned it.

So I decided to stick to my usual premium brand of tinned peas and ditch the supermarket own brand.

2. Toilet paper

I believe that I should not be using too much money on toilet paper as it is something that I will throw away.

I just see it as flushing my money down the toilet. I have young kids and toilet rolls don’t last that much in the toilet, you know how kids are with toilet rolls.

So I decided to buy some value toilets paper in the hope of saving money.Value toilet paper was thin flimsy and you end up using more toilet paper.

Using more toilet paper means you spend more money on toilet paper.

3. Baked beans

I love my baked beans be it on toast for breakfast or for to add in casserole dishes for dinner. On trying out value beans I found the sauce in it was too watery and I didn’t like the taste.

I usually buy the medium brands of beans and it tastes even better than some of the premium brands. So I will stick to my medium brand.

4. Burgers

Home cooking take away is a tradition in our family we reserve our Fridays for home cooking take away meals hence we sometimes make burgers.

Supermarket own brand burgers tested nothing like burgers at all. The percentage of meat in the burgers was low, they were stuffed with other things to make them bulk.

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5. Washing up liquid

Supermarket own brand washing up liquid was too runny for me ending up costing more, however, I recommend Aldi Magnum Premium Original washing liquid it very good and it last longer.

I use it in my home alongside Surcare Sensitive Washing up Liquid.

6. Tinned Tomato

Value tinned tomatoes were not good as the other tomatoes that I am used to buying which are medium brands.

7. Value Frozen Mince Meat

I use mincemeat in my cooking, as I like to bulk it up with vegetables to save up on meat. When I bought the value supermarket own brand frozen mincemeat I thought it was good value.

However, after cooking and serving it for dinner, you could tell the difference. It tasted nothing like mince it had a rubbery taste to it.

8. Value Tea Bags

Who does not like a perfect cup of tea? When I tried the value tea bags I did not get my perfect cup of tea. The taste was nowhere near my usual tea bags and I did not like it at all.

 9. Nappies

I tried value nappies and I paid the price. They leaked very badly. The value nappies gave me more work, changing my toddler often than normal, which means I end up using more nappies.

I had lots of laundry and ironing do to as they leaked. Value nappies are didn’t work for me I will stick to my usual ones which I buy in Aldi

Over to you…

Don’t get me buying value brands can be a good thing if you want to save money but is it worth it when you don’t get good quality?

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Some supermarket own store brands fair better that premium brand.

Next week I will be sharing supermarkets own store brands grocery items that I liked after testing and trying them out so stay tuned.

Over to you…

What supermarket own store brand items you dislike?

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