9 Essential Tools You Need To Start A Vegetable Garden

1st May 2018
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When I started growing vegetables and fruits in my garden it was a matter of trial and error, I didn’t know what to grow or what basic tools to use in my garden.

starting a vegetable garden

But after 5 years of trial and error I have finally managed to stick to these tools that makes gardening a little easy for me and my family.


1. Hoe

A garden hoe is a great tool in the garden you can use it to remove weeds, you can also use it to dig the soil.

It’s best to use it when the soil is dry.

watering can

2. Watering Can

When your plants are still small and fragile or you only have a few plant it’s best to use a watering can to water them.

Using a hose can actually uproot your plants from the ground exposing the roots which will make it difficult for your plants to survive.

gardern gloves

3. Garden Gloves

You might not need to wear gardening gloves every time when doing gardening but there are times you might need them such as when removing weed in the garden.

I have had so many stings from plants by weeding my garden over the years, now I am not taking any chance when removing weeds I always wear garden gloves.



4. Rake

You will need a rake not only for raking autumn leaves but a rake will be handy when are levelling the soil, preparing it for planting.

A rake with a long handle will make the job easier.

garden fork

5. Garden Fork

A garden fork is very handy when it comes tilting and digging the soil it also helps to break down large lumps of soils.


6. Trellis

A trellis is great to have especially if you plan to grow plants that need support such as runner beans,  and some berries.


7. Shears

Shears are great for pruning they are also great for cutting overgrown weeds and shrubs.


8. Garden Hose

A garden hose is very useful you can use it to water your plants as they grow.

I mainly use my garden hose in summer months when I grow most of my vegetable and fruits.


9. Garden Glogs

Garden clogs are great for use in the garden as they help you not to carry dirty in the house.

If you have a bigger garden or you have an allotment you can also use wellies.

This heavy duty door mat shoe scarper will make it easy to clean your clogs or wellies after spending time in the garden

It’s important for every gardener or keen gardener to have the basic tools which  help to save time when  gardening.

Find the right tools and make life easier.

 Storing You Garden Tools 

When started gardening I would often spend more time looking for my gardening tools and less time doing the actual gardening.

I continued with this chronic disorganization until I was on the verge of giving up gardening then I decided to create a system of organising my garden tool.

I bought a garden tool rack and attached it on the wall of my shed, it’s now easy for me to find tools because my tools are organised.

Every time I take out a garden tool I make sure that I put it back after using it.

gardern tool rack

Organising your garden tools will save you time and money and it will make gardening enjoyable.

Your garden tools will last a lifetime if you store them the right way.

Over to you…

How to you store you garden tools?

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