8 Awesome Ways To Be A Good Friend

27th May 2016
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Friendship is not easy, just like family you will have some up and down times in your relationship.


The only difference between friendship and family is that, with friendship you have the power to choose who you want to be your friend but you can’t choose your mother, father or sister.

Friendship is very important part of our lives we humans, we were born to interact with others.

Having a true friend is something that all of us want to have in our lives.

What Is It That Makes Someone A Good Friend?

1. A Good Friend Is Honesty And Trustworthy

Having a honest friend is a very good thing it means you have someone you can trust, someone you can relay on.

2. A Good Friend Finds Time

These days it’s easy to get hundreds of friends on social media.

But are they real friends?

Real friends talks to you, they want to how you are feeling.

A real friend wants to go out with you for a movie or just for fun.

3. A Good Friend Keeps Promises

It’s very important to keep a promise in friendship you will learn to trust each other.

If you can’t keep a promise don’t promise to do something you can’t do.

Be open and say your thoughts before promising anything.

4. A Good Friend Recognises Their Mistakes And Apologies

We all make mistakes at some point in any kind of a relationship.

The most important thing is to realise that you have made a mistake and apologies as soon as you realise your mistake.

5. A Good Friend Is Not Selfish

Don’t think about yourself only consider your friend’s feelings before doing any selfish thing.

6. A Good Friend Listens

Listening plays a very important role in friendship.

Have you ever meant someone who talks and talks and is never quite for even a minute?

Now imagine that person being your friend.

If you are not a good listener than you will find it hard to have friends.

You don’t need to be talking all the time, press the pulse button, stop talking and listen to you friend.

7. A Good Friend Gives And Is Not Only A Taker

Don’t a friend who likes to receive things and never gives.

Last Christmas did you receive a present from your friend?

If you answered yes than its your turn to give a present this Christmas to your friend.

It’s not magic give more and in turn you will receive more.

8. A Good Friend Is Always Positive

Having a friend who sees is a great thing to cherish.

That friend will be like your light in a dark tunnel.

Sometimes we just need someone to give us courage to cheer us all the way giving us the positive energy when surrounded with some life obstacles.

Over to you

Do you have friends?

Can you think on any ways of being a good friend?

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