8 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

3rd July 2017
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As life in an apartment, small house, or even a condo becomes more mainstream further into adulthood, many people are finding unique and resourceful ways of giving the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

how to make a small kitchen bigger

It’s all about the storage and space management! Even small spaces can be used to the best of their ability to give you more room for cooking and baking.

These 8 great ways will help teach you how to use your space smart and efficiently!

1. Slim Everything Down

Cabinets, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even other appliances often come in smaller sizes.

Opting for a single sink, shallow cabinets, and smaller appliances will open up plenty of counter space for other things!

2.Go With White Or Other Pale Colors.

The lighter a color, the bigger a space will look.

Windows, great lighting, and white walls or cabinets are a good way to play up an illusion of a bigger room, plus just looks more neat and tidy!

3. Get Creative With Storage Space.

Looking online can help you find tons of smart ideas on how to minimize space by using fun storage ideas

Find neat tips for storing your knives, cans, spices, and other kitchen essentials by doing a quick search, and use whichever ideas work best for your home.

4. Add In Some Shelves.

Throwing some shelving onto the walls or taking the doors off of your cabinets can give you more space and accessibility.

You can do the same for lower cabinets and replace them with a curtain, if you wish, as well. This might not create more space, but it’ll help give the look of it.

5. Free Up Counter Space By Storing Appliances.

If your family doesn’t use the toaster every day, put it away.

Anything that doesn’t get frequent use can be put above the fridge or in an empty cabinet or shelf nearby for more space on the counter top for cooking.

6. Cut Back On The Decorations

While it’s always fun to collect things and have a running kitchen theme, it’s best to leave as much space as possible for the more important items.

Hanging pictures and printed curtains are fine, but when you started seeing important counter or shelving space being taken up, it may be time to rethink what you’re using for décor.

7. Be Smart With Your Storage Containers

Make sure you’re not using things to store your equipment that is bulky and larger than needed.

Plenty of stores offer great, space-saving solutions for storage problems, from thin drawer dividers to slim knife holders.

Look around and do your research!

8. Make Everything You Can Shiny

Shiny surfaces both look great and are easy to clean, so you’re getting a double win with this hack.

The reflective nature of these kinds of surfaces can help open up your space and make it seem bigger, while also offering an easier cleaning solution.

A tidy kitchen is a happy one.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean having to feel constricted. Try these ideas and see if you can open up the way your living space feels.

This article was written by Kim and JD who are kitchen and cooking enthusiasts and bloggers who know what it’s like to live in a small space.

They shared a tiny one bedroom apartment and used some of these tips to open up their own space!

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