8 Tips To Avoid Last Minute Christmas Shopping Craziness

14th November 2017
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Have you ever shopped on Christmas Eve?

Queues everywhere.

People complaining and shouting about someone trying to cut the queue.

Screaming toddles clinging on their mothers’ legs.

Shops shelves almost empty you can’t find what you are looking for.

People packed everywhere such that it’s hard to shop around.

When you arrive in a shop and you see scenes like these it can only mean one thing it’s Christmas Eve or its’ the last few days before Christmas.

Why do people leave it late to shop for Christmas?

christmas shopping rush

Here are 8 Tips To Avoid Last Minute Christmas Shopping.

1. Planning Early

Start planning your Christmas as early as you can this will help you to ease off and actually enjoy the whole of Christmas festival.

Get everything planned at least two or more months before Christmas you can use a Christmas planner or a calendar to make it easy.

Planning ahead for things like food, gifts, and traveling will help you to spread the cost of Christmas into different months than just you using your December salary for Christmas shopping.

For gifts, uses a Christmas gift checklist so that you remember to tick off people off your list as you buy gifts.

2. Shop Early.

Its never too early to start shopping for Christmas, some people start as early as Boxing day.

They like to take advantage of Boxing sales and discounts.

If you start shopping for Christmas early you have a chance to shop around and find great offers and discounts.

Take advantages days like Black Friday during the year and buy your gifts at a discount rather than full price.

3. Make A Christmas Shopping List

Lists are important.

We are all humans and at times we can forget things but writing down things down will help you retrieve those things we are likely to forget.

For things like food you can make your Christmas food shopping list, then starting from October you can start buying one or two things from the list during your normal weekly food shopping.

As you do this tick off things from your Christmas food list.

4. Shop Online

Nowadays most shops sell online why not shop there.

Avoid the long queues and shop online in the comfort of your home.

Make sure to shop early and get your items delivered before Christmas by knowing Christmas last posting dates.

5. Take Advantages Of Click And Collect

Click and collect is a service that is offered by many retailers and supermarkets.

It allows you to shop online and pick your items at your most convenient time that suits you.

This will help you to save time by not physically going into a shop and buying things than waiting at the till to pay for your stuff.

6. Pre-order Your Christmas Food.

Plan ahead of time and order pre-order your Christmas food most supermarkets offer this service.

I usually order meat for Christmas from our local butcher a few weeks before Christmas this makes things a little bit easy.

7. Recycle Old Magazines As Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper.

Gift wrapping paper is the most bought item during Christmas yet is also the most forgotten item on many Christmas shopping list.

It’s easy to run out of Christmas wrapping whilst wrapping gifts.

That last minute dash to the shops for wrapping paper is what most people dread on Christmas Eve.

It never ceases to amaze me how each morning after Christmas whilst walking down my neighborhood seeing all those recycling bins overfilled with wrapping papers, house after house.

Why waste a lot of money on something you are going to throw in the bin?

Find other cheap and easy ways to wrap your gift such as wrapping them in glossy magazines or if you want you to go retro you can wrap your gift in old newspapers you would have collected throughout the year.

8. Give Gifts Of Experiences.

Try to give gifts of experience instead of physical stuff.

Example of  gifts of experience

 Family Photoshoot

Pamper Treat for Two Gift Experiences

Day at the Races for Two

Two Night Memorable Minibreak Experience

We live in a world where people need to accumulate stuff why not give people gift they will actually appreciate and talk about them for the rest of their lives.

Giving gifts of experience is one why you can avoid those long queues in the shops if you plan early.

Christmas is a time you should relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Avoid the last minute Christmas rush shopping.

Over to you…

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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