8 Supermarket Own Brand Items I Tested And Will Buy Again

2nd August 2016
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Do you buy supermarket own brands or premium brands when doing your weekly grocery shopping?

I decided to test some of the supermarket own brands whilst doing my food shopping.

This article is a follow up to this post 9 Supermarket Own Brand Items I Will Never Buy Again.

In this post, I will be sharing 8 supermarket own brands items I tested and will be buying them again.

Own store brands

1. Bran Flakes

The supermarket own brands flakes had less sugar than leading brands, which is a very good advantage. The texture and the taste was the same.They also cost way less than premier brand.

2. Strawberry Jam

I loved the taste of supermarket own brands strawberry jam it tastes just like other leading brands with less sugar in it.

The price was also good Tesco Everyday Value Strawberry Jam 454G selling for only £0.29 whilst other premium brands cost up to 13 times more like the Little Scarlet Strawberry Jam which cost £3.99
3. Wheat Biscuits

The wheat biscuits tasted just as good with less sugar and I see myself buying these for a long time.

For wheat biscuits, I tried Aldis’ own brand and they were great.

4. Corn Flakes

I was of these people who was royal to Kellogg’s brand when buying corn flakes but since trying out Aldis’s own brand of corn flakes I liked the taste and of course the savings I made.

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5. Ketchup

My kids loved the supermarket own brand ketchup they didn’t even notice the difference.

On reading the labels I noticed that it contained less sugar than other top brands so it’s less expensive and a bit healthier alternative.

6. Self-raising Flour

The cakes we made from value self-raising flour were just as delicious as those made from leading brand of self-raising flour.

So I will be buying more of the supermarket own brand flour.

7. Blocks Of Cheddar

I always buy a block of cheddar cheeses because we use to in different meals whether it’s dinner, lunch or breakfast.

We add cheese in spaghetti, omelettes or on a jacket potato.

The supermarket own brand cheddar tasted nice and the pricing good.
8. Custard Cream Biscuits

We don’t eat biscuits very often in our house but we like to treat ourselves from time to time.

We tried supermarket own brand of  custard cream biscuits they tasted even better than other brands we loved them

Final Thoughts 

Buying supermarkets value items is not for everyone’s taste what might tasted good to me might not taste good to you.

What surprised me whilst trying out the supermarkets own brands was that most of the items contained much less sugar, salt, and fat.

Which made me ask myself this question are supermarket value items healthier that premium brand?

Over To You…   

I encourage you to try out some supermarket own brand items and see which ones you like,  by just doing this you can save up 50% on your food grocery.

What value supermarkets items have you tried and liked?

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