8 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Grocery Budget

4th September 2018
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It’s easy to go over the budget when you are shopping for your weekly groceries.

But there are many strategies you can practice at home to make sure that your grocery budget stays within its limit.

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Here are 8 Ways To Reduce Your Groceries.

1.  Plan Your Meals

Make a habit of planning your meals each week before shopping your food.

This will help you to avoid shopping too much food which might end up in the bin.

2. Use Your Leftovers

Never throw away your leftover food, freeze it or put it in the fridge so that you can eat it on another day.

Make sure you have good food containers to store leftover food.

3. Store Your Food The Right Way

Storing food the wrong way will make it go bad quickly especially fresh produce.

Buy food that you will know you will actually eat.

4. Cook From Scratch

Buying ready-made food might seem convenient but it’s quite expensive if you compare it to cooking your own from scratch.

5. Stick To Your Budget

Each week before you go for your grocery shopping make a budget and stick to it.

Take a grocery shopping list, stick to what is on the list this will also help you to stay on budget.

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6.Try Store Brands

The big brands are usually expensive so why not try out the low brands or store brands which are a bit cheaper.

7. Check Food Dates

Check your food date regularly especially in the fridge and in your pantry to avoid throwing away expired food.

8. Rotate Your Food

Practice food rotation, when you buy food, make sure you first use up that’s already in your house.

Over to your…

Which supermarket do you shop for your weekly groceries?

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