8 Simple Tips To Declutter Your Bedroom

20th September 2018
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Decluttering your bedroom can make a real difference.

Your bedroom should be a place where you go to rewind, restore  your mind and body.

It should be clear and clean so that you find it easy to fall asleep.

If your bedroom is full of clutter it can be difficult to sleep well during the night, getting enough sleep is very important for your overall health.

bedroom decluttering tips


Here are 8 Simple Tips To Declutter Your Bedroom

1. Have A Plan

Decluttering a big space can be overwhelming before you start decluttering anything make a plan.

Break your tasks into small manageable categories that you can do on a daily basis.

Don’t do many tasks in one go just focus on one task per day.

2. Bin It, Donate It Or Keep It.

As you go through your stuff make 3 different piles, one for things you want to put in the bin, one for things you want to give away or donate and one for things you want to keep.

3. Don’t Rush

Don’t rush through things as you might end up throwing away things that you will go back and buy again after a few weeks.

Take your time and make sure you stick with your decisions when it comes to letting go of your stuff.

4. Keep Only Things That You Truly Love

Sometimes it’s not easy to let go of things you have had for a long time even if they don’t use them anymore.

They are different reasons why people don’t want to part with their possessions some of them include.

Fear of not having enough afterwards.

People get attached to their possessions and they  just don’t want to let go.

People keep things in the hope that someday they might use them.

Life would be meaningless if you are surrounded by things you don’t love or things which don’t spark joy in your life as Marie Kondo says in her book The Life-Changing Magic Of  Tidying Up.

5. Limit Your Collection Of Newspapers, Magazines And Books

If you are like me and you like reading whilst you doze off to sleep then you might need to limit the piles of newspapers, magazines and books on your bedside table.

These can easily make your bedroom look messy.

6. Limit Screens In Your Bedroom.

These days televisions, tablets, laptops and mobile phones are affordable to many people and it’s easy to have these in your bedrooms.

But should you really be having that television in your bedroom?

Your bedroom should be your restroom, a room where you go and wind-down.

These gadgets clutter your bedroom and will disturb your sleeping pattern.

7. Keep Your Bedroom Walls Clear.

It’s easy to keep your bedroom walls full of picture frames, wall art, but do you really have to fill all the walls with something?

Having walls full of things will make your beroom look cluttered.

8. Use Your Our Bedroom Only For Its Purpose

These days there are many people who have transformed their bedrooms into an office, games room cinema room and some even use their bedrooms for dining.

Use your bedroom for its only purpose that is sleep and of course sex if you have a partner.

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