8 Awesome Things A Good Husband Does

22nd June 2017
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What is a good husband like?

It starts with two people in love, each of them is blinded and seeing only the good things about the others.

Then they decide to get married to become husband and wife. Everything changes they can now see better of the other person’s character.

Does marriage change a person’s character?

things a husband does

Every woman wants a husband who will look after her well.

Here are 8 Awesome Things A Good Husband Does

1. Shows Love

A good husband is loving and will not only say it but will show it in many ways.

There are many ways a husband can show love to a wife including pampering her with some gifts, texting love messages, making her a cup of tea, taking her out to her favourite restaurant, remembering her birthday and all those small things that will make her smile.

2. A Good Communicator

The fact is, no relationship succeeds without good communication.

A good husband needs to be a good communicator to his wife.

There should be openness between the husband and the wife.

This will clear out any misunderstanding in your marriage.

Give each other space and time to say out your views and clear out any differences.

3. Accept You The Way You Are.

A good husband will not try to change his wife. Husbands don’t have enough power to change their wife’s.

If you are a religious person you might be aware of the serenity prayer :

“God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.”

It’s a good practice to say out this prayer as a husband as you will be faced with many situations where you think that you have enough power to change something in your wife.

Only to realise after 20 years that you have absolutely no power to change your wife only God can.

If a husband tries to change his wife he will be faced with resentment and resistance from the wife, opening more doors of quarrels and arguments.

A good husband should surrender and accept his wife the way she is.

See more of the good in her than the negatives in her.

4. Trustworthy

A good husband is trustworthy.

Trust is something that takes time once lost it difficult to regain the same level of trust.

5. Is Willing To Say Sorry, Forgive Me

A good husband is willing to say sorry when it’s needed.

At times we all do things and say things that we don’t mean when we do this it’s important to say sorry.

Husbands should also know that there are also times when a husband has to say sorry just for the sake of keeping peace with the wife.

6. Is  A Good Cheer Leader.

Never says anything negative about his wife in front of the kids or outsiders.

A good husband is always encouraging his wife and saying all the good things about her.

7. Time With Wife

A good husband reserve some quality time with his wife alone. The will keep the bond between the two strong and everlasting.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner, making love, a date night at home a wife needs some time with her husband.

husband and wife unhappy

8. Doesn’t Take Wife For Granted

A good husband doesn’t take his wife for granted.

It’s easy to take some of the things that a wife does especially around the home for granted.

A good husband is willing to praise and help out his wife with some of the tasks that a wife does around the home such as cooking, cleaning, and looking after the kids.

Doing all this will keep the wife happy resulting a “nag-free wife.”

Over to you…

What is a good wife like?

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