7 Ways To Be More Productive Everyday

9th August 2018
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How do you know you have had a productive day or unproductive day.

We live in a world full of distractions such that at times it takes a lot longer to finish a simple task because of the interruptions we might encounter whilst performing a task.

Too many distractions will make it difficult to concentrate act on just one task because we are the multitasking generation.


time management

Our minds are constantly racing to do the next thing before finishing the current thing.

We make it difficult for ourself by attempting to do many things at the same time thinking that we are being very productive but this is not the case.

When you start a task you need to see to it that you finish it before starting another task.

As a mother of three, I must admit there have been days where I felt unproductive simple because I had spent the day running around doing different tasks without finishing them especially when my kids where babies.

I would start making the bed and the baby would cry in the next room then I would leave the bed half done and go to the baby.

Next, I would change the baby’s nappy and go downstairs with the baby and a basket full of laundry then in the middle of the steps whilst going downstairs the phone would ring.

I would then leave the laundry on the steps and take the call, by the time I am finished on the phone the baby would be ready for breakfast.

By the end of the day, it seemed as if I had done nothing productive all the tasks that I would have done during the day would have been only half done.

I struggle with this until I learnt how to manage time and to be more productive.

Here are tips on how to become more productive. 

1. Analyse How You Use Your Time

We are all given 24 hours a day some people use their time wisely whilst others let the time pass away only to end up with an unproductive day.

If you want to use your time wisely you will need to track the activities that you do during each day.

Do this for a week and then sit down and analyse areas where you are spending more time than you should be, adjust it accordingly.

2. Use A Timer

I always like to use a timer to track time on different activities that I do.

Say I have some tasks that I want to do around the house I will set my timer as follows

Laundry: 15 minutes

Mopping: 10 minutes

Clean Toilets:  8 minutes

Reading: 30 minutes

Exercises: 20 minutes

Setting a timer whilst I do different tasks forces me to stay focused on that one task and see it to the end.

Most of the time I finish the task well before the time I would have allocated to the task.

There are different timers you can use and you can also make use of the timer that is on your mobile phone.

3. Plan Your Week

At the start of each week make a habit of planning what you want to do during that week.

You can do this with a planner or with just a pen and paper.

Set your goals and priorities for the week I like to do this on Sunday night this has helped me to stay on top of the things that I want to achieve.

4. Create Routines

Routines are great for everyone even children and babies like routines.

Creating routines will make it easy to structure your life and to break bad habits.

You can create different routines to fit your lifestyle.

Start by creating routines with your daily tasks such as cleaning the house, meal times and self-care.

Introduce routines slowly in your life don’t be attempted to do more than 3 routines at the beginning this will only overwhelm you.

Eventually, routines will become ingrained into your minds such that you will almost do them without thinking.

5. Daily To Do List

A daily to do list is a must if you want to be productive each day.

The idea behind a daily to do list is to list the tasks that you wish to achieve during the day.

Tick out the task as you perform them during the day.

Be flexible with your to do list if something emergency pops up and you can’t finish all the task on your to do list that fine don’t be hard on yourself.

All you need to do is to transfer the tasks to the next day or day after.

6.  Declutter

Too many things without a home can stop you from being productive.

Decluttering your home and workspace will help you to be more organised and productive.

7. Follow The One Minute Rule

One minute rule is all about getting into the habit of doing a task that takes you a minute and not procrastinate on these tasks.

So if you can do a task in a minute do it now.

This helps you to do little tasks that might build up and become gigantic tasks later.

Over to you…

How you make your day productive?

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