7 Things That Will Ruin A Surprise Party On The Big Day

22nd May 2018
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Planning a surprise party is a difficult task but making it to the big day without them knowing is another thing.

There are many surprise parties that have been ruined on the day of the party due to small things that people overlook on the big day.


Here are 7 Things That Will Ruin A Surprise Party On The Big Day

1.  Parked Cars

When choosing a venue for a surprise party make sure that you have a hidden place where guests can park cars so that the birthday boy or girl won’t be alarmed by the cars on arrival.

2. Loud Party Noise

Most parties involve playing music, you need to stop playing the music just before the “suprisee” arrives so that they don’t suspect anything.

3. Decorations

Try not to put decorations outside the venue as this can alert the suprisee.

It’s fine to decorate inside the venue for the party,  it’s the outside that is a bit risky to decorate.

4. Disco Lights

If you are having disco lights for the surprise party you need to turn them off just before the suprisee arrives otherwise they will start to second-guess before the actual surprise.

5. Social Media Update

Friends and family of the surprise might spoil the surprise party by updating their social media status.

If possible tell them not to update their social media status with hints about the surprise party.

6. Location Updates On Smart Phone

These date most smartphone might actually update your location on social media on their own.

Check with all the guest that they have switched off phone setting for location updates otherwise the suprisee might work out the surprise before the party starts.

7. Guests

Make sure that all the guest know that they are being invited to a surprise party if you don’t emphasise on this they might surprise you by telling the party girl or boy.

Over to you…

Have you ever organised a surprise party?

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