7 Reasons To Grow Your Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables

8th July 2016
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Buying organic fruits and vegetables in supermarkets is quite expensive than buying non-organic.

Organic fruits and vegetables cost at least 2 times more than non-organic.

So, what can you do if you can’t afford to buy organic fruits and vegetables?

Have you ever thought of growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden?

They are so many benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden.


1. Save On Groceries

The main benefit of growing your own fruits and vegetables is saving money on your weekly grocery shopping.

Of course when you start your gardening you will incur some cost such as gardening tools but in the long run, the benefits of saving money will start to emerge.

2. Taste Much Better

I always love getting things from my garden the fruits and vegetables during the summer months are nice.

They taste so much better than the one from the supermarkets.

The taste is so different such that you can easily differentiate the two without any problem.

3. Sense Of Pride

Starting vegetable or a fruit garden for the first time can be a bit difficult and time-consuming but when it’s time to harvest your fruits and vegetables you will feel great.

You will have a sense of pride of your achievement and it’s very rewarding

  Fruits and Vegetable I am Growing In My Garden

4. It Stimulates Other Hobbies

Growing your own vegetables can help to stimulate other hobbies that you never thought might interest you.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables might stimulate you to some of these hobbies such as learning to cook, doing more exercises and reading more.

5. Create Great Memories

Take pictures as you grow your vegetables and fruits store the pictures somewhere safe, create good memories that you will always treasure.

You will love going through them in the years to come seeing where you started with your gardening.

6. Learn New Skills And Knowledge

As you care for your fruits and vegetables in your garden you will learn new things about caring for your plants.

Gardening is a learning process that requires patience and perseverance as you learn new skills.

7. Teaching Your Kids

As you grow your fruits and vegetables your kids will learn new skills and those skills will stay with them for many years.

They will even pass the new skills to their children as well.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is great as you can cut the number of chemicals that you use. It’s such a good opportunity to connect with nature.

Over to you …

Are you ready to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables?

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