7 Best Things To Do During Earth Hour

23rd March 2017
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Do you know what Earth Hour is all about?


Earth Hour is an event organised by World Wide Fund for Nature. It all about turning your lights for one hour between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm on the last week of every March.

This event takes place worldwide. It can be done at home, work or in your community.

It’s all about thinking of our planet earth by reducing the amount electricity usage during this hour.

Here are 7 things you can do during earth hour.

1. Walking

Walking is a good way to spend your earth hour you could walk around your neighborhood and check out if other people are participating in earth hour.

See if their lights are switched on or off.

2. Reading

During earth hour why not spend time reading something it could be a novel, magazine or a newspaper.

Switch off your lights, light a candle and read.

Read something worthwhile of your time. If you have kids you could sit together and read them a bedtime story.

This is fun and they will enjoy the different setting.

3. Star Gazing

If you have a clear sky on the night of earth hour why not spend it outside looking at the stars.

You don’t need to travel far away to star gaze and it doesn’t have to be expensive by buying telescopes.

Just find a comfortable spot in your garden and look up see how many starts you can spot.

See if you can spot a some shooting stars. See if you can see the moon.

4.Board Games

Monopoly, chess, puzzles, snakes and ladders are all types of board games you can enjoy with family and friends during earth hour.

5. Shadow Puppets

If your kids are still awake you could teach them how to to make shadow puppets on the walls or on the ceiling. This will keep the calm and entertained as the hour ticks on.

Here is how to make shadow puppets 

6. Have A Candlelit Bath

Candlelit bath is another way you could spend earth hour. A candlelit bath is great, calming and relaxing.

You could also add some wine and chocolate to make it even more enjoyable.


During earth hour you might choose to just sit and relax and do nothing.

Over to you…

What will you be doing during earth hour?

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