6 Ways To Cover Your Vegetable Garden Pathways

5th June 2018
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Do you have pathways in your vegetable garden?

Pathways provide a great way for you to move around your garden.

They don’t have to take a lot of space but they need to be wide enough so that you can walk between your vegetable beds with ease.

Pathways need to be clear of weeds as weeds can make your garden look over overcrowded and hinder the growth of your vegetables.

Here are  6 Ways To Cover Your Vegetable Garden Pathways 

garden bark

1. Bark / Wood Chippings

Using bark on your garden pathways is a great way to make your garden look organic.

I use bark on my vegetable garden pathways and it has helped me suppress weeds in my gardern.

It has also saved me a lot of time as I used to wrestle with the weeds in the pathways every gardening season.

Now it’s a thing of the past

When using bark you might need to top up the bark after a few years as it rots after a few years.

If you are not sure of how to lay bark in your pathways you might want to read this article.

2. Paving Slubs

Another way of covering your vegetable garden pathway is to use paving slubs.

They might be a bit on the expensive side but they are a great investment and they last for a very long time if you lay them properly.


3. Lawn

Using lawn on your pathways is another way to make your pathways look interesting.

Lawn is not expensive to buy but you will need to maintain it by cutting it from time to time.

It’s easier and cheaper to grow lawn from seeds.

Putting lawn on your pathways might affect the nutrients that your vegetable get as they will be competing with the lawn.

artificial grass

4. Artificial Lawn

Some call it artificial lawn and some call it lazy-man lawn whatever one might call it this lawn has transformed many gardens across the country.

You can put it between your vegetable garden to suppress weeds.

It doesn’t need any maintenance it can last up to 20 years depending on the use of the pathways.

It’s a worthwhile investment for your garden.

decorative stones

5. Decorative Stones

Stones offer an attractive way of covering and decorating your vegetable pathways.

It’s important to put a garden weed control blanket before you lay your stone on the ground this will help to suppress weed for a long time.



Putting bricks on your pathways is another great way to make your garden look great.

There are different types of bricks that you can use to cover your pathways.

Bricks are durable and they last for a long time.

All these ways provide a way of covering your garden pathways.

This will reduce the amount of weeds popping up to the surface thereby leaving you with more time to do other gardening jobs.

Over to you…

Artificial lawn or real lawn which on do you prefer?

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