7 Tips To Get Fit Without Using The GYM

23rd January 2017
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We all want to get fit but paying for a gym membership can be expensive.  Are there any alternatives to getting fit without a gym?

In this article, I will share simple ways to get fit without using the gym.

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1. Walking

Walking is a good exercise for your heart and your overall health.

Whether it’s walking the dog or its walking around your neighborhood walking has many benefits to you and you don’t have to pay anything.

Form a habit of walking every day and put it into you daily to do list but remember to get the maximum benefit of walking you have to learn to walk at a faster pace, this will make your heart and muscles work faster.

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2. Running Or Jogging

Just like walking jogging and running can massively benefit your overall health.

You don’t need a major investment when starting jogging or running.

All you need is a good pair of trainers, comfortable running clothes and you are good to go.

3. Exercising At Home

Instead of going to the gym you can choose to do exercises in the comfort of your own home.

You can decide to have your own gym at home by buying gym equipment progressively.

This is a good idea but it only works if you have space to put the equipment like a spare room or a designated area.

Another alternative way to buying your own gym equipment is to do different workout routine exercises which are posted on YouTube by fitness experts like Joe Wicks.

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4. Using Free Outdoor Gym Equipment In Local Parks

If you live in an area where there are outdoor gym why not use them instead of going to the actual gym.

There are free and you can go to them at your convenient time.

5. Dancing

Dancing is not only fun but it has some health and mental benefits.

Dancing for say 15 minutes a day non-stop can be seen at a form of exercise.

I like dancing with my children especially in the winter months, we turn dancing into a game.

We each choose our favorite song to dance and we all dance to the songs free style.

Sometimes we like to go on YouTube on Just Dance channel where we choose songs to dance to.

Just Dance channel has many songs with illustrated dance moves which you can copy as you dance.

We usually do this after school and we all enjoy. It’s a way to do exercises and having fun at the same time. Why not try it.

6. Cycling

Cycling is another way to get fit without going to the gym and the whole family can be involved in cycling.

7. Gardening.

Gardening is a way to connect with nature as well as exercising. Here are 5 benefits of growing your own vegetable.

Over to you…

How do you keep yourselves fit without going to the gym?

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