6 Tips For Keeping Your Home Tidy

18th May 2016
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Keeping your home tidy can be difficult especially if you have young children in your house.

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Toys, books, clothing are some of the things that can easily make a house look untidy.

There are a few things you can do even if you have young children in your house to keep it tidy.

Here are 6 Tips To A Tidy Home

1. Say No to Piles

Pile of laundry, a pile of dirty dishes, a pile of ironing, and a pile of things without a place to go you name it.

All those piles will make your home look clutter and untidy.

Don’t create piles, tackle tasks as you go about your day.

Do your dishes as soon as you are finished with them, avoid putting them in the sink so that you can do them when you are free.

It takes more time to do dishes that are full in the sink than doing them one by one as you go about your day.

 2. Touch It Once

Have you noticed that when you are tidying a room you can touch an item many times before its final destination?

This can make tidying your house difficult.

For example, you are tiding your living room and you see a dressing gown on the sofa that you were wearing.

You then pick it up instead of taking the dressing gown to your bedroom upstairs you put it on the stairs and continue tidying your living room.

By doing this you have created another mess on the staircase.

When tidying a room get in the habit of touching something once and put it in the right place the first place.

3. Find A Home For The Homeless Items

A place for everything, and everything in its place ring any bells?

I am sure most of you have heard this quote from somewhere it’s basically self-explanatory.

For everything in your house finds a place that you put it.

I don’t personally like the idea of having a junk drawer if you have one I would discourage you, as this makes it easier to just toss things in there but makes it difficult to find things.

Instead of having that junk drawer make a home for everything and abolish a junk drawer or junk cupboard.

4. Contain Your Items

I like to contain items in my home from cereals, rice, pasta, sugar to clothing.

You can call it crazy but that’s how I contain my “clutter”.

Keeping things in containers helps me to organizing my home . I use plastic containers and I also use shoe boxes for clothing especially the kids clothing.

5. Purge

Purging can be a difficult thing to do I know, but holding on to those old TV sets, memorabilias, old DVDs and clothing that don’t fit you anymore won’t do you any good.

It can only add more stress in your life. Free up your life by purging items.

This will create a tidy home where everything is not cluttered up.

One technique that I use that has always helped my family and me is keep three storage boxes in house.

One box is for putting things I want to save, the other one is for keeping things for reselling and the third box is for putting things I want to save e.g. hand me down clothing.

As I clean out the house I toss things in these boxes at the end of each month I then take action.

I take the donation box to the charity shops and the reselling box I list things on eBay.

 6. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating is when you delay or avoid doing something because you see it as boring or time-consuming.

Do you have any task in your house that you find boring such that you prolong doing them e.g ironing, doing the dishes, laundry?

Procrastinating will only make your house untidy do not prolong doing things.

Make time to do the task when they are less rather than waiting so that you can tackle them later.

Over to you…

How do you keep your home tidy?

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